Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out what's new!!!

Just a few things this morning before Xazmin and I head off to the greatest store ever!!! (Taipan Trading) LOVE this place!!! We need a fun break from working, and taking care of kiddos, so a visit to this store is definitely what we need, plus if you are into the Scentsy type candles at all, these guys have a brand of scented wax cubes that are fact Xazmin picked one up for me for an "early"Birthday present last week, and it is the best scent ever!!!! Smells just like my very favorite candle from Salt City Candles....which I am not allowed to burn anymore.(Hunter Dan wasn't appreciating all the black on the ceiling from my obsession with I just have 4 Scentsys going at all times)
Just a few pics from the outside of the house...kind of sad but I didn't get as much put up as I would have normally...I ran out of's still fun though and festive just no coffin, or spider webs, or big spiders...maybe next year.

These pumpkins light up with orange lights inside...No pumpkins and gourds yet around the front door, I think maybe for family home evening in a couple weeks we will head to the pumpkin patch and pick some.We've had some of those chilly Fall mornings it!


Just a quick pic of something new that will be added to our Ribbon Blossoms website in the next few days.....

These are a new style of butterfly clippies, we already offer "bug"(including ladybugs, bees and butterfly) clippies, but we have some new styles to be added.... lots of new, super cute products that are in the works, be sure to check back and look for the adorable Turkey clippie coming for Thanksgiving, and we will be announcing a Christmas giveaway soon...VERY cute things in it!! There is still time to order an adorable Halloween tutu costume too!!! Check us out...Ribbon Blossoms

Lastly, Bug and Lexlee had orthodontist appointments yesterday morning. Poor Bug had to have four new brackets put on.....all the while Lexlee got a huge surprise, phase one of her work is done....BYE BYE BRACES!!!!!

She will get a break for about a year, but then phase two will start...more braces!!! Her teeth look amazing, her front teeth were completely sideways when she got them on, and her poor little mouth just didn't have enough room for all those teeth...unbelievable what can be done. I can't believe how much she smiled yesterday!!! Lexlee you are beautiful, and I love you to the moon!!!
Off to the store we go!!!!! Have a fantastic day!!!!..


Desert Rose said...

I love the new butterfly clips. Nice job on the halloween decorating, that's way more than what is done around here! And yay for the end of the first phase of braces..a relief I'm sure.

April said...

Hi Tanielle!
Your decorations are amazing! Wish I could get myself motivated to do some fall decorating! Your daughter's smile is gorgeous! Have a fantastic weekend!

Brandy said...

Lots of great stuff. the decor is awesome. Love the hair bows. and what a beautiful smile!

mama-face said...

You are probably dangerous in Taipan Trading, right? :D

(What color is your front door, if I may ask?)

Hope you have a great shopping day.

mama-face said...

I just realized the door question is kinda dumb...I can tell the door is RED, I wanted to know more specifically; the NAME of the color. :)

Lisa Anne said...

I love all the halloween decor. I can't wait to put all mine up. I don't do outside any more becuase the wind is super crazy and always blows everything away. I'm sad cause I had some cool outdoor decorations and light ups. Oh well the inside of my house will look good though!! lol

Lisa Anne said...

Oh duh I forgot come check out my halloween treat boxes I made. I think your kids will love them.

and you daughters teeth do look great!! My nephew just got braces, he said they hurt, but he's getting use to them.

kimert said...

Awesome decorations!!!
Love those butterfly clippies too!
And yay, no braces!! I am sooo jealous. I want my off...yesterday!!!

have a great weekend! :)

Mechelle said...

yay for no braces! (for a year anyway) your kids a just too cute! Love the butterflies clips.

Valerie said...

Oooh, I've heard of Taipan Trading, but haven't been yet! Sounds fun.
Cute Halloween stuff, cute bows, cute kiddos! :)

Amy said...

Have a fun time at the store and a great weekend. Your Halloween stuff looks wonderful..

missy said...

have a great weekend too!!!!
love the wooden pumpkins.....very cute!!!!

Small House said...

Looks as if you are busy and having fun. Your Halloween decor looks great!!!

You have the cutest little girls. HOW FUN!!!

OKAY...did I miss something, but I'm wanting to know what your favorite scent is??
Have a good day.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

All your Halloween stuff is great! It's been a million years since I got my braces off and I still remember the date.

Just Breathe said...

Beautiful teeth.

Great decorations. Love the tall pumpkins.

jenjen said...

Cute Halloween decorations. I love them!

My Hannah is on that same orthodontic plan. She had braces and is about to get them on again in December. It is amazing what they can do with braces these days!


MiMi said...

Cute decorations, cute girl and I'm JEALOUS that you get to go to that store! I wanna go! Can I go?? Please?! Okay, enough groveling.

Kado! said...

that store look like SO much fun...wish we had one here!

those huge pumpkins on your lawn...are CUTE!

shortmama said...

Love all the decorations! The new butterfly clips are great.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Connie said...

I had a child who had the phase 1 and phase 2 with the braces. Out of 8 of my kids, all 8 of them had braces! We should have claimed the orthodontist as a dependant! And guess what, I got my braces off 7 years ago! Love the feeling of brace-less teeth. Your daughter looks beautiful.
Cute decorations. I love fall!

Krissy said...

Loving the decorations! You're so on top of it!!
So exciting about the braces she's got a beautiful smile!!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks so adorable....and so does your daughter!!

Kristen Marie said...

Ima Ghost!! ha i love it! so cute! your decorations look awesome! if only...i had the time/energy/money...whatever!!
and i sooo love my scentsy candles...recently, in one week, my son cracked my big holder...then my daugher knocked out my little night light one out of the wall, leaving the plug in prongs stuck in the outlet...i am need of placing an order!!

Vivienne said...

Your yard looks so fun! I am more a "harvest" than a "scary" Halloween person, but I so enjoy seeing what other people do when they go scary.
Lexlee looks great and your little clips are so cute.
Happy B-Day!

Sheila said...

LOVE the outdoor decorations, as well as the indoor one's!
The bows are ADORABLE!!I might have to order some of those for my neice!!!
And her teeth are beautiful! PERFECT smile!!

Cherie said...

Love the decor - So cute!