Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Someone, and Totally Thankful Thursday

Head on over to Shortmama's to link up to her, "Dear Someone" party. This is just a fun way to let out some frustrations!!!
Dear Computer,
Why are you smarter than me? I would really like to have a meaningful relationship with you, but frankly, you scare me and I am nervous when I am with you. You are not always nice, and in fact I get extremely hurt by the reactions you give me sometimes. I do hope our relationship can grow and blossom into something sweet and meaningful.
The one that is losing her mind,
Dear Driver behind me,
When I was driving slowly yesterday to find a parking place to pick my son up from practice, I really didn't need you hitching a ride on my bumper. I realize your truck was much larger than mine, and could have squashed me like a bug, but seriously did you really need to wave me your middle finger when I simply tapped on my breaks to remind you that there was a pregnant mother in the car you were trying to run over. I hope you had a nice rest of your evening, and no one else got in your way.
The one who called you a jack #ss!,
Little blue car in front of you
Dear neighbors,
I am so very grateful you moved into our neighborhood. Thanks so much for all the friends you have over at all hours of the day and night. I especially appreciate the sweet language I hear from my bedroom window, and the aroma of pot being smoked. Thanks so very much for your examples of what I DON'T want my kids to grow up to become. I really admired the driving skills of the one particular friend who jumped the curb when he came around the corner and nearly destroyed my entire family pulling weeds by our mailbox. I am so glad the kind police officer was quick on the scene, and gave you a warning about running the neighbor children over. But the very thing I want to thank you the most for, is when I looked out my living room window at 11:30 one night and was privileged enough to see your dear friend, in the light of my flood light, unzip his pants, pull out his "thing", and urinate on the road. I loved explaining to the police officer how I saw the puddle pool up on the road, because obviously the 20 feet to the house you were there to party at was simply to far to make it to the bathroom. Thanks so much for the joy you all have brought into this "family" neighborhood of ours!
The ones who have a case number on you,
Our family
Dear leg hair,
I really don't appreciate the fact that you continue to grow. There is no good reason for you to be there, you don't keep me warm in the winter, and you don't make me sexy. I am having a bit of a harder time these days bending over to take care of the prickly mess you are creating. Perhaps I will stop shaving for good.
Going to become a Sasquatch,
Gotta have a little "thankfulness in there too!
1. Tums...the heartburn is back in full swing, as it always is with all of my pregnancies!!

2. The change in the seasons...every one of them is awesome.

3. Halloween...I am soooo excited to decorate!!!

4. Another ultrasound today!! Love to see my little guy.:-)
5. The peace and quiet of the early morning!!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!!!!!


kimert said...

HA HA HA love the one to the leg hair!! Too funny!

And your new background is super festive and makes me so ready for fall! :)

Cherie said...

You are all ready for Halloween with your new background! Whoo Hoo

This is also my favorite time of year. I can't wait to decorate.

Your letters cracked me up - Don't you wish you could send those out for real. This world is definately an interesting place.

Have a GREAT day!

Amy said...

How funny is your list. I love the legs one. Sorry to hear about the heart burn. That is the worst. I had it pretty bad also. Love the new look of your blog.

Kelly said...

Oh Tanielle-
I love all your 'dear someones.' Too cute! Thank you so much for the morning laughs!

JK said...

Oh, so funny! I love it!
And I LOVE the new background. Does this mean I can put on a Halloween one too?! YES!!!
And ultrasounds--I love them. So exciting for you. I always look forward to those days for weeks.

Kelli said...

You crack me up. I see you are ready for Halloween...I'm with you on the change in seasons. Have fun at the ultrasound.

Stacey said...

I love these! You and I have the same relationship with our computers.

Sheila said...

omg! You have me ROLLING On the floor laughing! TOO GOOD! Espeically the letter to your dear sweet neighbors!
And by the way - i love your new blog background!
And I LOVE to decorate for Halloween too! I'm SUPER excited this year because we were just moving into our house around Halloween last year, therefore I didn't get to decorate. YEA! :) Maybe I need to go modge-podge me some decorations!

Krissy said...

Haha! LOVE the letters!

April said...

Haha, great letters!

KiraAJ said...

Oh how i love to read your blogs :) always something funny in them some where :) im loving this change in wheather its gorgeous! Time to start making those delish cookies ;) this yr we will be paring our cookies with home made chocolate syrup nom nom nom :P hope ur ultra sound goes well!

shortmama said...

These were great!! I laughed the whole time. Your neighbors are awful! Thanks so much for joining up this week.

Desert Rose said...

I hope my neighbors never move! Don't want the nightmare with like what you have with your "wonderful" neighbors. You can only hope they are the unstable kind that moves every year..or sooner!

kylee k said...

Thanks for the giggle this morning before I head into the salon! It really helped. I LOVE HALLOWEEN and can't wait to decorate either!! And I would like to write to my leg hair and tell it to please resign, it really has not helped me at all. And Im sorry you neighbors are little badwords! :) I hope you have an awesome day and Ill talk to you later!!

Vivienne said...

I think Hunter Dan needs to clean his hunting rifles in full view of those jerks next door.

April said...

Woah...sure sounds like you have some pretty crazy neighbors!

Lisa said...

Funny letters- wow, great neighbors. Good you're getting the police involved. Maybe they'll move...

Aimee said...

What a fun post! I like the dear someone letters!!

Kado! said...

i love all your letters....they are awesome!!!

J.J. said...

Love the new design :)

I don't dig your neighbors though. Seriously you must be so excited...I can hear it in your letter to them.

I love looking at that cute pumpkin/gourd thingy on the left side there. The one with the bow :)

The Booth Family said...

So funny thanks for the laugh!

Connie said...

The letters made me laugh and you seem to handle those situations well, but what a bummer to have a neighbor like you have! So sorry!

What's the old wives tale about heart burn? The baby will have lots of hair? Let us know if that's the case!

MiMi said...

Love your new background! I hate your neighbors! : )

Amy Robinson said...

i just laughed my head off. this kind of stuff is exactly why i love you. let me know what you're doing tuesday so i can maybe come see you! =)

Xazmin said...

You are so hilarious! These were great. Let's toilet paper your neighbors yard some morning while they're sleeping off their benders!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Oh you make me laugh- love your dear someone letters!!


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Shortmama has a good thing going on -- what a great idea! I love the letter to your leg hair! Hang in there, friend!!

mama-face said...

LOL. Can the neighbors be evicted? The guy peeing is simply disgusting.

I could write a letter to my computer everyday. And blogger. The conspire against me.

And it is totally you to throw in thankfulness too. You rock. And I just wrote a little poem there.

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Love the letter from the little blue car, very very funny!!!

Me and My Family said...

you are so cute! I love your sweet little letters to people. I especially like you note you wrote to you leg hair.