Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Someone, Baby blog swap, and Jibbity

Dear Hunter Dan,
Why is it so hard for you to remember to put the toilet seat and lid down after you have used the bathroom? I don't understand... perhaps if I left a sweet little note underneath the lid that said, "put it down, or you will be using the party house neighbors next doors new bushes!!!" It is NOT that hard to remember!!!
Grossed out wife
Dear body,
Why have I lost most bladder control? For once it would be really nice to sneeze, cough, or laugh without drip-dribbling!!! I would really like to NOT have to cross my legs and bend over at the waist when in public just to pray while I am coughing that I won't have that major of an accident. Let's cooperate here please.
Mom who will have to wear a diaper soon!
Dear Lexlee,
So very sorry I yelled at you the other day to help me find my cell phone. I really should have just looked harder, or stopped and thought for a second....considering I was talking to Michelle on it. Sorry again, remember...losing my mind!!
Your "losing it" Momma!
*To read more "Dear Someone" letters, or join in the fun head on over to Shortmama from Family of Shorts.
I recently participated in an awesome baby blog swap over at Kelly from Two Kids a Minivan and a lot of Love...SUPER FUN!!! My partner was Tina from The Fisher Five Family, she was awesome, and sent me some adorable things!!! Check this out!

This blanket is amazing!!!

Sooooo, super it! I needed some cute boy wash clothes, so was very excited to receive these!! And how sweet is this picture frame? She was fabulous, and this momma just had a new baby girl too. She is one busy gal with three little ones!!

THANKS sooo much Tina!!!


Jibbity got an award last week at school. Only two children from each class get it each month, and she was one of the first in her class. We were VERY proud of her!!!

CONGRATS you little monkey, we love you!!!
Life is crazy right now, I have been beyond a bad blogging friend...
Hope to be around to visit soon!!! Have a great Thursday afternoon!!!


shortmama said...

Yay Jibbity!!

The phone thing is hilarious...I have done the same!

Sheila said...

Congrats on your baby swap!! That is too super cool! Very cute baby blanket that does look super-duper soft!!! I love new stuff!!!

Amy said...

My husband does the same thing sometimes. I just yell at him and then ask him to put it down. I let him know we have two girls in the house. I hope you have a great day. Congrats to your little on on her award. Cute swap stuff.

mama-face said...

Hey Tanielle,

Cute baby surprises and cute Halloween decorating and cute family reunion! I think I know those people from somewhere...:)

Happy Thursday to you!

MiMi said...

Yay Jibbity!
Hey, you're on your 5th pregnancy, I'm surprised you had any bladder control left BEFORE this one. I've only had 2 kids and I have no control left!
: )
Super cute stuff you got for the swap! : )

Connie said...

Nice letters to "someone". Your bladder problem will soon be over...let's hope! :-)
Cute swap things!
So fun when the kids excel in school. Always a morale booster! Good for her!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Yay for Jibbity! I love the phone thing. Great swap items!

Krissy said...

Haha! Love the phone note!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

So, when does the bladder control thing come back???????

I totally missed out on the baby swap!! Darn it! Would have been fun too!

Happy friday!


Lauren said...

LOL! The phone thing is so funny! I admit that I have spent 20 minutes looking for my sunglasses before only to have my 4yo point out that they are on my head!

Congrats to Jibbity! (Your girls always have such cute hair!)

The Sharp Family said...

Amen on the bladder thing. I'm always scared when I feel a sneeze or cough come on and I'm no where near the toilet! (such as in the middle of the grocery store) Oh well it's worth it in the end...right. That's what I keep telling myself? How are you feeling? Tell Jibbity congratulations! That is so awesome! Tell the Fam Hi and that we love them all!
Love Ya!

Vivienne said...

I am not pregnant and have recently yelled at one of the kids about something I did. At least your mental illness is temporary...
Congrats to Jibbity!