Thursday, April 23, 2009

Totally Thankful Thursday and Lovin' the yard work!!!


Actually for a few reasons...TTT(totally thankful Thursday)which I love, it's getting super close to the weekend, which I also love, and this week Bug has a rescheduled soccer game. I wasn't able to go last Saturday because of the craft boutique, so I am anxious to watch him play. I know I'm his mom, but he is a really good soccer player!!!:-)

SO...being thankful!!!

1. beautiful, sunny days!!!(yesterday and Tuesday were gorgeous!!!)
2. yard work!!! Hated it growing up, love it now!
3. Ashie saying, "hi Mom",(in her cute little learning to talk voice) and waving when I walked outside where she was out with Hunter Dan.
4. was really hot in my house last night!!!(about 80 degrees at 10:00)

5. sirens...I hear them all the time at my house...grateful to know that there are police officers, firemen, and EMTs to protect us and care for us. We are so blessed!
*so glad too that they come really fast when you lock your baby, keys, purse(with the extra keys)in the car...right in front of the school playground, while 12 million kids are out at recess, and then get the joy of a police officer and fire truck coming to the rescue, while the cute little kids have their little faces pressed against the chain link fence. I was just at the school to support Bug for business day....Ashie was fine, and it wasn't hot or cold, but I was a little embarrassed!* Sometimes I forget my brain at home!


We've been busy out in the yard!!!!

So...I got the polka dot flower pot idea from Kimm at reinvented. She has sooo many amazing ideas, and these flower pots were just so "happy"...I decided to do all of mine. Eight in the backyard, and the two big ones in the front. These are just old ones I had, and one of the ones in the front is missing a chunk from the top, but once the flowers are in, they cover the missing piece. I can't afford all new pots just to make them polka dotted.:-)

I did mine in four colors, red, yellow, green, and black. I love how they turned out...Hunter Dan says they look like clown outfits...that's o.k., clowns make me smile, and so do these pots!

It really is sad how something so silly can make you giddy!!:-)

This is my front door with all the daisy and happy(so glad winter is over...we hope) decor. Can't wait to plant some beauties in the pots.
A little closer view.
My kiddos were awesome yesterday helping to weed the flower beds....they helped soooo much!
Bug...he fell back into the wet dirt right as I was taking the pic.

Cutie girls, with their gardening gloves on.

We locked Ashie in the exersaucer...she is too wild to be let loose outside while we are trying to weed! She is too big for this, but it is the only thing she can't escape from!!!!

One of the front flower beds.

After we did the front we journeyed to the back, we got the back beds weeded, then the kids took a break on the trampoline with Ashie....she loved it!

They are smiling because they think they are done workin' for the day, we get to clean inside the house. :-)

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!!


April said...

Your kids are just the cutest! I love your beautiful gardens! The tulips are my favorite! I'm so glad the weather has finally warmed up enough to allow us to work outside. It's been a LONG winter! Enjoy your Thursday!

April said...

Oh, and I love your polka dotted pots and how you've decorated your front door...very springy!

Lanie said...

LOVE the polka dot pots. They make me giddy too! I have a fantastic covered back porch and really want to get a container garden going. I might have to use the polka dots to dress it up a little!

Joy For Your Journey said...

The polka dots are so cute and what a friendly door you have!! It makes me want to come and visit.

I love your yard. It makes me wonder why I ever agreed to live in the desert!

Kelli said...

Your flower bed is beautiful. My mom would love the landscaping. We are taking this year to rebuild our yard after neglecting it last year. Poor yard. Love your pots too, they are so happy.

mama-face said...

Tanielle, Will you pretty please come to my house and make it beautiful?

I'm thankful for the air conditioner...couldn't live without it!

Happy Day.

Small House said...

I like reading all you ladies who do a little Thankful Thursday on your blog.

AND I LOVE YOUR POTS!! I think I need to copy those. I have a little red chair on my porch, and couple polka dot pots will just be fun. THANKS!!!
Have a great day.

Jingle said...

Those pots are quite simply fabulous!!! I love them!!!!

Amy said...

What a nice yard. I love your door. I am suppose to be getting a storm door this year. I can't wait. Have a great day.

Beth at Aunties said...

What a happy house with happy pots, beautiful floral beds and gorgeous happy children! You are seriously doing something so right!!!
I enjoyed your post!

Bobbi Jo said...

Your front porch and door are just adorable. Love all the fun polka dots very happy and friendly.Just starting to read your blog do you tole paint? Did you make all the great flower-post and the on the sweet red chair?
Your kiddos are precious! What sweet smiles they have!
The font flower beds are beautiful too!
I like some of the others who have commented would love to come visit you.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

kylee k said...

So Tanielle...I think you need to make me some of those daisies you have on you door! :) I LOVE THEM. and it makes your house look so inviting and cute. You are so talented. And on a waay different level of creativeness than me. Im a little jealous...I LOVE your polka dot flower pots. Good idea. I think that might be my next project. Thanks for all the fun ideas!
Love ya chica.

Jolene said...

I love your TTT posts. They help remind me to be thankful for everything in my life too!
p.s. That story about locking your keys and baby in the car was absolutely hilarious. I could just picture all the school kids at recess watching! lol

Krissy said...

Adorable polka dot pots and your garden is beautiful!

The kids look like they're having a blast!

Lisa said...

Your flower beds look great. And how you got all your kids to help- wow! Thats impressive.

Jen said...

What a terrific post! I love the flower pots, and your flower beds are beautiful - will you come do mine?! and - I have that exersaucer! At least until Saturday morning when I hope to sell it at the yard sale! Thanks for making me smile this afternoon :-)

jenjen said...

Look how cute your house looks! I love those pots. What a great idea! And I love that you have your kids right out there with you doing the yard work!

I need to get mine motivated. I am loving the weather too! I have been out working in my yard all week. It is so wonderful to be warm!!!!


Alicia said...

Your yard is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! You have darling children... and I totally relate to "locking" in the little ones to keep them out of the way. Turtle can get out of his walker now... but not his bouncer!! Your pots look great! And that is funny about locking your keys (and, um, baby!) in the car and giving the kids free show!!! haha

Jenny-Jenny said...

Wow your yard is beautiful. I'm working on making mine nice...this is the year!

Vivienne said...

I love yard work. My kids? Not so much. It is fabulous that it looks like you all had good family time while working on your home together.
Pretty yard, btw.

Cadance said...

those are great pictures...I Totally ♥ those pots! That is a GREAT idea and they turned out so cute....I might heve to steal that idea from don't mind..right!!??!! So Springy!

Jill said...

I love you yard work.. I love the polka dot pots!

Brandy said...

I'm so jealous. Your flowerbeds are just you have cute helpers!

shortmama said...

Oh girl what I wouldnt give for flowerbeds like those! And that green grass, cannot get that stuff to grow here. I will just look from afar at yours!

B said...

Oh MY! I LOVE the polka dots. I can't wait for this weekend, I'm going to make some for our porch! Thank you for passing along the great idea!

Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

Now that your house looks gorgeous, hop a flight and come do mine!

Logan has his very first soccer game ever on Saturday. I'm so excited!

Missy said...

What a great list! I am thankful for gardening too today! What a cool thing plants & gardens are! Great pictures - so sweet your kids helped you!

Sarah Miller said...

Hey Tanielle!Do you remember me? It's Sarah Jolley (Miller)! I found you through Kylee's blog, I hope you don't mind. Anyways, I can't believe how big your kids have gotten. I remember them being like 2 years old. It's been a long time! Anyways, how are things going! It sounds like things are goo for you. You should check out my blog and you can see pics of my kids:

Love you and miss you!

AndreaLeigh said...

wow, girl! your yard looks incredible. i love the polka dots. cute cute cute.

Cris said...

You sure are a one happy family. The yard looks nice. The kids are beautiful.

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