Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Organized!

It is time... I have recently started organizing all my junk and I'm feeling pretty good until I look in the craft room. Ugh!!! Everything that doesn't have a home seems to find its way to this location. It needs to be orderly (at least a little) because its where I create products for my business, scrapbook, and feel inspired. (watch for a business spotlight with photos coming soon) I love my craft room, it's "happy", so I've taken before pictures, and when I am done I will post the hopefully tidy and organized after photos. ...wish me luck!

Head Trauma? and Clogging

My adorable, fun, and rotten 11 month old is so busy! Which actually I am happy about, considering at 20 days old she spent nine days in the Childrens Hospital with RSV. Finally at about 5 weeks she was back to her birth weight. So totally grateful that she is healthy and growing. But WOW she is into everything, she can spot the tiniest crumb or hair on the floor and there it goes into her mouth. SICK!! Yesterday morning was a thrill when even after strapping her into her highchair as tight as possible, (with her still being able to breathe)... she wiggled out onto the tray and fell on her head onto the hard kitchen floor. Called the doctor, she said take her in because of the possibility of head trauma. So my husband left work and we headed to the Childrens Hospital E.R. Everything turned out fine but what a scare. She is walking now and loves to head for the bathroom whenever the door is left open. What a stink-bug. I do wish I could slow down time and keep them little, wow kids grow so fast!

So... my sweet little 9 year old had her first clogging recital tonight. She took ballet(one of my loves) for a few years but it just was "too boring" for her. She took a break last year and this last fall decided clogging looked fun. She is a cutie with a TON of hair(something I was NOT blessed with) and lucky for me she was required to have it half up and curly. YAY, I love to play with her hair, and she all of a sudden doesn't love to have it fancy all the time. Is it wrong to be jealous of my daughters hair? Oh well I am blessed because she is.
She did a super cute job on that big stage and I am so proud of her. I love you sweetheart, thanks for being you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet the Kids...

youngest and oldest snuggle

9 year old beauty

Don't let her cuteness fool you (she's a firecracker!)

11 months now and growing too fast!
Thanks to for the gorgeous pics!