Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little of this and that!!

Lil' Squishy is two months already!!! Where does the time go??? We have his 2 mo. appointment today, so I am anxious to see what his weight is. He is growing so much, and getting sooo squishy, I LOVE it!!
Just a few random pics...
I love you my little punkin!!

1. The daffodils and tulips starting to come up in my flower beds.
2. My new babybjorn I just bought, Lil' squishy is quite a fussy baby, and this is wonderful!!!!
3. Colored goldfish crackers...makes the kids very happy, and I don't mind snacking on them a little. :) Is it wrong for them to have these for breakfast???(Michelle, what do you think?)
4. Planning for our family is going to be ridiculously fun!!
5. Watching the Olympics. We've been watching as a family, it has been part of Lexlee's homework, I love it, go USA!!!
Head on over to the adorable shortmama's for Dear Someone letters, she is awesome! And it's her Birthday today!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Dear Husband,
I know it was rough having only eight and a half hours of sleep during the night Saturday. Absolutely... you should leave me with a crying baby, a whiny two year old, and a bored six year old while you have that much needed nap you deserve. I know you only got to sleep in until nine and you are simply exhausted. I myself get plenty of rest right now, and would never need a nap while you are home on the weekend.
Your completely amazing, never grumpy wife,
Dear Bug,
I realize you are a boy, and think that farting is funny..which it is sometimes. But not when all 5 children and I are my bedroom watching and enjoying the Olympics as a family. When Ashie says, "who poopy?" you know the smell is bad. Don't act like you don't know who it was, you my son have an aroma all of your own...please keep it to yourself.
I love you!
Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ashie...2 years old!!!

So precious!!!

Scowl..takes after her dad.
Little blessing!
Starting early!!!
Here you are a big 2 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a monkey...climbing everything, getting into everything, busy, busy, busy all day long. You love "spidey" song(itsy bitsy spider), and playing "ring-a-rosie...pocket"(ring around the rosies). You say "oops a daisy", and "no thanks" a lot. You are a daddy's girl, and you can get him to do anything for you...pathetic:)!! You take naps, and go to bed really well, but that's no wonder since you are wild all day. Your crib is the one place you can't escape, and the only time Lil' squishy doesn't have to be protected from your many, many kisses. "Where baby go?", is the first thing you say when you are out of your crib in the morning, but that is after you have entertained us through the monitor, with your singing of ABC's, and "Santa coming to town".
YOU ARE A JOY, and PURE MISCHIEF!!! We all love you so much, you make our family very happy, and sometimes very tired!! Ask Grandma and Grandpa...oh you were busy at their house!!!
YOU ARE TOO FUN, and HILARIOUS..with all the things you are trying to do and say. For example, the other day you saw a mole I have by my collar bone, you asked.."owie?", I said "no that's a mole". You then respond with..."Oh, pretty mole".
YOU ARE A SWEETHEART, and A STINKER!! But really would I want you any other way... nope!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHER-MASHER-SMASHER(affectionately said by your dad)!! I love you to the moon!!(and so much more) Thanks for bringing this crazy family so much joy!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


How cute is this?????
My hubby, and Lil' Squishy snuggling and snoozing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I recently participated in a baby blog swap hosted by the adorable Kelly over at 3 kids, a minivan, and a lot of love. Lucky for me Kelly herself was my awesome swap partner! Check out all the fabulousness I received in the mail!!!
Thanks so much Kelly!! I absolutely love everything!!!!
It's a little gloomy here today, I think I'll snuggle with my little one and rest while Ashie takes a nap. Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Givin' ya all a hug! Have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Many things to be thankful for...
1. Two handsome sons...Bug often holds Lil' Squishy so I can get a few things accomplished.

2. Three beautiful daughters that keep me very busy...especially Ashie, she's wild!!!
3. The new gorgeous quilt my extremely talented niece Michelle made for Lil' Squishy.
4. The trip to Idaho we snuck away to, just to get out of the house. Unfortunately we ended up at emergency care with Ashie...diagnosis...Bronchiolitis, caused from RSV. Three prescriptions, and a nebulizer later we were back at my parents. Thankful for "ruff ruff" the puppy that always brings comfort to Ashie. Thankful that Lil' Squishy so far has had a tough little immune system. WILL BE EXTREMELY THANKFUL WHEN IT IS SPRING...and we can take Lil' Squishy out of the house, because RSV season will be over!!!
5. Thankful that my little munchkin has a healthy set of lungs that requires me to hold him most of the's rough being a mom. :)
I am truly blessed!!!
Someday I will leave comments again, perhaps someday I will want to put my baby down, but for now I just stalk, I mean read your posts. Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, February 8, 2010



(Go check out her blog she is adorable!!!!!)

....You win the Blogoversary giveaway...a package filled with some of Xazmin's favorite things!!!
Thanks for a fabulous year everyone!!!!!
Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Thing She's Cute!!!

This is what Hunter Dan and I walked into find the other night...Ashie in the living room being illuminated by the light of my computer, which had been off and closed, and sitting on the floor. She looked at us with her big brown eyes over the top of my laptop, like this is what she's suppose to be doing, as she's typing away. Little stinker, it's hard to be mad when you're laughing so take a picture. As I took it from her she simply said, "my 'puter".

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!