Friday, April 15, 2011


I seriously hate feet...they are kinda gross, sometimes hairy(I must admit I have shaved them once or twice)....BUT...I TRIPLE HEART(just for you X) fun, cute nail polish, and the green grass peeking out through my toes...notice...most of my toes are hidden under my jeans because well...feet are gross. :) I actually quadruple HEART toe rings, it makes me hate my feet less.

Little Squishy Face is getting big...he is sooo stinkin cute!!! BUT he is turning into a tornado, ya get him out of his crib...and he never stops til ya put him back in. Warm enough to be outside for a bit...well not all that warm but the sun was shining.

NOTICE of hideous zits populating my face...what the ell is that all about? Oh yeah it's called stress in abundance...but that is life, and we all deal with it...BLAST!!!! But my little guy is sooooo crazy cute...and says "backpack"....hmmmm that could possibly be from Dora.

We have been working(I should say Hunter Dan...because he is a bit shall we say OCD about how things are done...not even kiddin' he has OCD a little) It will SOMEDAY(someday because "HE" has been working on it for months now) look great. We live in a house built in the 1970's true story, we are NOT rich...not even close...but things are looking pretty good...and I am excited to get some new flooring. I will share some photos soon of what we have done...included will be "our" collection of dead critters in my living room and bedroom...I should win wife of the day at least.

Oh yeah, and my son(BUG) has decided he is going to go live with his dad...hence the "I am not going to stop bawling" title, because well I do a lot of that right now. I will not get into that at this time....a post for another day...but I am NOT coping well.

On a happy note my kids and I are outside enjoying the sunshine...cold enough though that my toes are about to fall off in my flip flops...oh well feet are ugly. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

How sad is it that I have this darling new blog design and have yet to even do a new post!!! Life is tricky and complicated and full of ups and downs...right now I am struggling to stay somewhat sane, and not lose it completely!!! :) Just watched my dear Xazmin's vlog(her first ever and she was darling) thought to myself, "how fun I want to participate"...but then realized my eyes are swollen from crying so much, and I'm really not in the mood to try to be cheerful, how pathetic I know! I miss blogging!! Sometime I will share what has got me so down, beyond down really...especially since this is my journal and I need to record good and bad...not yet though.

We got tons of snow crazy, went from being in the sixties on Saturday to 8 inches of white stuff by Sunday morning!!! I am needing some Spring!!! :)