Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mod Podge Mania!!!

It's time for my crazy/awesome friend Xazmin's Mod Podge Mania!!! Be sure to go check it out and link up if ya have any projects you want to share!
Too, too fun! I haven't joined in for a few months, but thought I'd show a quick project I just finished up. WARNING...Jenny, Jenny, this is part of your winnings, don't look if you want it to be a surprise.(she was the winner of the 100th barf giveaway, which I am still putting together) I love doing these stacked blocks, I've made many, but I've only ever painted them. I decided to mod podge some paper on instead. I think it turned out cute, and it was fun(and easy)!

I seemed to have missed out on Friend Makin' Monday yesterday...oops!(it was all about the 4th of July) I LOVE Independence Day. I love the fireworks, parades, barbeque's, and the American spirit that comes with the holiday! I can't wait to relax and celebrate! My favorite pic from the 4th would be...

This was from last year, and Jibbity associates the 4th with stars and red,white, and blue "stuff" painted on your face...she loves it!
I can't wait to visit everyone, and see your projects! Have a wonderful Tuesday!:-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

The newest member of our family...

Warning we are a weird family!!!!

Remember the "trophy" Hunter Dan got back in the fall? Oh wait I wasn't blogging then. Anyway Hunter Dan is a big time outdoors man, he loves hunting, fishing, camping, and 4-wheelin'. He was exceedingly excited last(whenever it was... in the fall sometime) when he shot this buck!
YAY, honey...way to go!!!
Away it went to the taxidermist with GREAT anticipation of its return... and wouldn't ya know it....it's back already. Well, a few months back when I was suppose to be doing shortmama's "home redo...one room at a time", I posted about how we would be changing the living room into a more outdoors, wilderness, cabiny type room, to accommodate our growing collection of wilderness "stuff"(you can read that post and see pics of the living room here)...didn't happen yet, because of.... "the puking my guts out thing" STILL going on, and lack of money.
Well, no big deal! Hunter Dan doesn't care if he's nestled in with more boutique type things, and here ya go...our newest family member found a place on my unchanged walls. Right above my rocking chair.
Everyone meet "Francisco" (that's a fun name to say.)~Buddy the Elf
We(the kids and I, Hunter Dan does not appreciate our humor)needed our new little friend to have a name. Lexlee piped up with "Francisco", everyone else added..."that's a fun name to say". (Seriously, we love "Elf", and watch it year round!) Hunter Dan gave me the look of "No you will not!" So.....his name is Francisco. He will look fabulous at Halloween time with some cob webs and spiders gently nestled in his antlers, and at Christmas with a Santa hat and red clown nose! Come May 5th, he just might get a sombrero, and mustache.....
Oh Hunter Dan will be so pleased! Thank-you sweetheart for adding this new member to our family, and giving me one more thing to decorate for the Holidays!!:-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

For the Beauty of the Earth...

For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise This our hymn of grateful praise.

After a mighty rainstorm Friday evening, we looked out to notice a rainbow. As we walked outside to a freshly cleansed yard and got a better look, we seriously watched as the partial rainbow became an absolutely gorgeous full one. The colors were brilliant, with the sun shining through the clouds, just above the beautiful green leaf-filled trees, with our amazing American flag sitting motionless in the mix, the sight was enough to leave me speechless, and in awe of the beauty our Heavenly Father has given us. It's these little moments that last but a few minutes, that make me realize how precious life is, and how truly blessed we are. To me it was like a little smile from my Heavenly Father gently, but with great force, reminding me how much he loves me, and all his children.
Think of All the beauty still left around you and be happy.
~Anne Frank

Friday, June 26, 2009

Giant hives, and some Rendezvous Fun!

So, last night when I was putting on Ashie's pj's I noticed she had some little hives on her belly. I thought I'd just watch and check them in the morning. This morning when I changed her buns, I about passed out, the little hives had turned into enormous hives, and were all over her belly, under her arms, and in her diaper area. This is what they looked like when I first saw them this morning...
I called and got her an appointment with the Doctor, but it wasn't for a couple of hours. By the time we got to the Dr.'s office, they had spread to her neck, shoulders, and some were starting on her arms. The ones that had been there before had kind of just become one enormous hive. She is obviously allergic to something, but what, we are not sure. The only thing different she has eaten lately were some strawberries. Other than that, no changes in any of our soaps, and she's been outside in the grass many times, so the Dr. didn't think that was it. No more strawberries for her. After a dose of Zyrtec, and an afternoon nap, they are almost completely gone. Crazy stuff!!
I took some quick pics of the kiddos before they left for the rendezvous last night. I knew I wasn't feeling up to going, and I did decide to send the camera with Hunter Dan, but he didn't get very many photos. I was glad I got these shots before they left.
Bug in his student council shirt, he looks quite handsome I think, and far too grown-up for my taste. It's hard to believe that my baby boy will be twelve this fall.
My sweet little Lexlee, she kept complaining that the sun was in her eyes, but I am mean, and made her suffer through the pics...:-)
Jibbity, she had driven me nuts asking how many hours, minutes, and seconds until the rendezvous. She was not in the mood for snapshots, she just wanted to get there!
Ashie stayed home with me, this is her playing peek-a-boo, she thinks it is the best game ever. She is NOT cooperative with picture taking!!

My three oldest munchkins ready to get to the carnival...

A half-way decent photo of all of them.
Jibbity riding the train(they had games, food, those big blow-up jump things, a rock wall, and the train) Jibbity asked when we put her to bed last night, "How long is it until next years carnival?"
Bug sitting in the dunk tank. The next photo is after Lexlee had gotten the silent wink from her teacher to run up and hit the target.
They had a super fun night! Next year we can ALL go...but with another little munchkin! I can't wait!
Have a FaNtAsTiC weekend!!!:-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Totally Thankful Thursday...and SUN oh yeah!

It is Thursday, and I need to list some things I am thankful for!! There are many, but sometimes I seem to get caught up in the "feel sorry for Tanielle Mode"...this little list always seems to smack me in the face, and help me realize my gratitude list should be a mile long.
1. All the many raindrops that fell for a couple of weeks, I missed the sun for sure, but enjoyed the smell of the rain!
2. Family...I can't wait for my family reunion in just a few short weeks! I can't wait to see everyone, and watch little Ashie get filthy(trying to convince myself on that one!)
3. Watching my two littlest monkeys play in the baby pool. Jibbity would be happy in a puddle. Ashie thought this was the best day ever!
4. My two oldest munchkins being back home. I can't wait for them to be out of school. Our summer break doesn't start until July 2nd.(year-round school)
5. The birds chirping, I love that sound first thing in the morning!

Here's my four little monsters arms.
This is what happens when two are in sun for a week in sunny California, and two(who have much fairer skin anyway)play in the house for two weeks because of rain. This pic doesn't even do the difference justice!!


Ashie's first time in the baby pool.
Just loungin'...
This is what happens when Daddy gives Ashie a bath after playing in the pool and only puts a diaper on her. Then she runs around for a while, and when I look over at her waving to Daddy out watering the flowers, this is what I see...


Have a great Thursday...my kiddos have their "Mountain Man Rendezvous"after school, it's just a big fun carnival, and they can't wait. Bug even gets to be in the dunking booth because he is on the student council. If I feel up to going I will post pics, if not I don't know if Hunter Dan can be trusted with the camera!:-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Me Edition

Wednesdays come around really quick these days. Here it is time for EM:ME, and some awesome support for gettin' fit and gettin' healthy. Head on over to the adorable Amber's to check it out!
This week's question:

"Who is your biggest supporter/motivator in your weight loss? Do you have anyone around you that tries to sabotage you by "talking" you in to eating the not so good stuff?"

Well, to answer the question, I'd have to say that Hunter Dan is a little of both. He is always supportive of the exercising, and trying to eat better. He tells me I'm doing good or looking good. But...at the same time he will be the one at night time when we're watching T.V. and the kids are in bed, to ask if I want some M&Ms. When I look at him with that "I can't believe you just asked me that, do my thighs look like they need M&Ms?", look... he will just ask sweetly, "well did you lose any weight today?" If I did, then he tells me it's o.k. you need a reward. What a dork.(this of course was before the pregnancy)

Now, he is just supportive of whatever(which I appreciate sooo much)...like for instance when... I had a green salad with tomatoes, cheese, croutons, and caesar dressing at 6:30 this morning...it just sounded soooo good! Or when he ran to Wal-mart last night to return a camp chair, and I called him up and said "I really need some lettuce, strawberries, and cantaloupe." He also conveniently bought angel food cake, and strawberry glaze...

Also I have to mention Xazmin...she is a great, and we can totally help each other, and give each other tremendous support, but...we can also(once in a while) talk each other into being bad, especially if we are watching "Buffy" or "Angel". Why are nachos and Dr. Pepper soo good? And why even more at midnight?(truthfully we haven't done that in a really long time) I have abandoned her and our website since being sick. I feel really bad, and I'm sorry X!

How is the weight? Well, I am up just a few pounds from my last weigh in before I found out about our sweet Christmas surprise. Not too bad.

How is everyone else doing?


I also LOVE Wednesdays because of....


Have a fantastic day everyone!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WINNER!!!!...100th barf giveaway!

Thank-you soooo much for all the entries, hilarious stories, and sweet comments on this crazy giveaway! It has been a blast, and I'm still not finished visiting all the awesome blogs that left comments! I'm anxious to visit everyone....thanks again!!! As the count now stands at 129 barfs, we have a winner thanks to random.org...........and it is..............
She is one adorable gal, and I am so glad I've gotten to know her through this awesome bloggy world! Go give her a visit, you won't be disappointed...and she posted a sad, but great barf story, along with a link to her sisters vacation/barf post....AWESOME!!!
Thanks again everyone!!!! Have a fantastic Tuesday!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Last chance...and this and that!

It's been a while since I last posted...
First of all...TODAY is the last day to enter the 100th barf giveaway!!! Go check it out, it is ridiculously fun, and silly!!! Go HERE to read all about it!!!(giveaway ends at midnight) A lot of comments link to awesome stories so check those out too!!!:-)
I had my Doctors appointment on Thursday, there were a few concerns but overall everything is o.k. The baby's heartbeat sounded good and strong. That was a relief, and brought tears to my eyes. I have a low lying placenta, which they discovered in the ultrasound and that has been the cause of the bleeding, more taking it easy while the spotting is going on. I will have to have a couple more ultrasounds to check on that.
My Mother-in-law has been here for a few days, she is on her way on a temple tour to Northern California. She is amazing in the flowers and was going to work in my flower beds for me(they are needing attention REALLY bad), but it has rained all weekend. DARN!!
My oldest little cuties came home last night from their ten day trip with their dad, step-mom, and brothers, and sister. Oh how nice it is to have everyone home!! Lexlee is tan!! Bug is even more tan!!! Holy smokes, I need some of those luscious rays!!! I'll have to post a pic of my little sun kissed children, along with my two little un-sun kissed ones!
Jibbity received an adorable letter in the mail from Grandma on Friday. My mom was feeling so bad that she couldn't be to her recital so she sent a letter and some cash. Jibbity said,"oh that Grandma of mine!" As she ran off to find her wallet, she was so excited.

Later on I got her all ready for her recital. She LOVES getting on that big stage and performing, she is not scared at all, when she was not quite three and had her first recital, she came off the stage and wanted to go back on!

In the car ready to go...

She has one of her best friends in her class with her, they had to pose before they performed...Kimmie, and Jibbity.

This was Ashie while waiting for her sister to get on the stage, she also danced for us.

Hunter Dan always buys the girls flowers when they perform, and he surprised our little ballerina princess with gorgeous ones that even matched her costume. Too cute!

"Oma" and Jibbity...she was so excited to have Oma there for her big night.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and had fun celebrating the wonderful dads in our lives. I am truly grateful for my dad, and my Hunter Dan. What amazing dads they are. I love you both!!! Jibbity picked out camouflage band aids for Hunter Dan. Doesn't every dad need those!?:-)

Sorry I haven't been very good at getting around to visiting, I am anxious to read all the "barf" stories, and get to know my newest followers!! Don't give up on me, between company, and feeling like...(you know)...I just haven't been on the computer.:-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Extreme Makeover:Me Edition

Wednesday already, this week seems to be flying by!!! Here it is time for EM:ME. For some amazing getting healthy support head on over to Amber's to link up. Extreme Makeover:Me Edition is an awesome place where you meet some wonderful bloggers who are looking to get fit, and healthy!!!

This weeks question or task....
Post a picture of the contents of our fridge to see how much healthy food is in it.

Well, my fridge is pretty empty, since tomorrow is grocery day, and we shop ever other week. I am out of most of my fruit, not much milk left, (we go through a lot!!!), and it's just looking a little sad. The freezer is o.k., though nothing sounds good to me, so it's just looked that way for a while.
The week has been o.k. I have been eating what sounds good to me, which luckily has been a lot of fruit. Last time I was at Costco they had some wonderful looking raspberries, but I didn't get them. Hunter Dan will definitely be picking some up for me tomorrow, along with some cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapes. Sounds so YUMMY!!
I have a Doctors appointment first thing in the morning, so hopefully everything will be alright!! Still spotting a little, so I've been restricted to walking around the house a little, and sitting. Hunter Dan has been awesome to clean for me. He even cleaned under the fridge and stove. He will be grateful when this time of "restrictions" is over...since "some" things have been out of the question! Silly men!:-)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, don't forget to enter my giveaway!!! It is absolutely ridiculous!!!!:-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Giveaway like no Other!!!

As many of you are aware, we are expecting baby number 5, and I have been suffering from morning sickness far worse than I can remember with any of my other children, and I was sick with Ashie(for the entire nine months)!
Being so sick this time around, and out of morbid curiosity I decided to keep track of how many timed I threw-up. The kids caught on and thought this was the best idea ever!! We have kept precise track, carefully recording each time with a mark on the calendar and(drum roll please)........this weekend I reached the Monumental Milestone of 100 BARFS!!!

My equally as "crazy" friend Xazmin(who frequently asks how many barfs I'm up to) suggested I have a "100th BARF Giveaway". So here it is!!

What will be in your adorable barf bag(unused), and decorated by me? Well it's a surprise of course...I do promise it won't be my barf though, or anyone else's. It will be filled with lots of fun stuff. So....how can you enter this giveaway like no other?

1 entry...leave me a comment
1 entry...for following
3 entries for posting about my giveaway, and sharing in your post your most embarrassing barf experience!!(be sure to come back and let me know)
This is soooo gross! I love it!!!
The giveaway ends Monday June 22 at midnight.

Friend Makin' Monday...confessions!

Here it is Monday already which means FMM. Head on over to Kasey's link up, and meet some fun, and crazy bloggers.

So today's task is Confessions! Spill your guts...her I go!

1. I just ate two pieces of pizza for breakfast(and didn't let Jibbity know so I wouldn't have to share). Do you think they will stay down?
2. Sometimes if there is a crumb or something on my kitchen floor, I kick it under the stove instead of picking it up or sweeping.
3. I love pulling out slivers, watching surgeries on t.v., and any true life E.R. shows. I always watch when I get a shot or have an IV put in.
4. I "pass gas" when I think no one is listening, and then I laugh a little to myself.
5. I can burp really loud, and when we're camping it's a known rule, that burping out loud is a must. Gross huh? The kids think it's awesome.(this stems from when I was a kid)
6. It's after ten in the morning, and we are all still in our pj's, no beds are made, and I have let my two little munchkins "graze" on crackers and apple juice.(while I had pizza) Mom of the year? Yeah right!!!
*There are sooo many more, but I don't think I am ready to admit those to everyone...hahaha
Have a wonderful day, and be sure to come back this evening when I will be announcing a giveaway(like no other!!!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My two oldest Munchkins!!

I have to say...as far as ex's and step-moms go, I am extremely lucky!! I feel very blessed that my kiddos have a really great step-mom, and a Dad who is very much a part of their lives. My two oldest munchkins left for beautiful, sunny, full of beaches, Disneyland, California Friday evening, with their Dad, step-mom, two brothers, and one sister.

It's funny, Jibbity loves those siblings of Bug, and Lexlee, she thinks they are the best, they play so cute together, and get along really well. I'll never forget...when Jibbity was born, Bug piped up and said,"now our new baby sister will have a step-mom, and step-dad too". (kind of funny) I have to say though, being five years old, it broke her little heart, (and mine), when they drove off, and headed for fun times at Disneyland, the beach, and just "vacation". She doesn't quite understand. She's very upset mostly though that the kids will miss her dance recital. She asked the kids dad "if they could just go the next week... after her recital".
Later after her favorite meal of ramen noodles with her chopsticks,(horrible mom I know) Hunter Dan took her to get a "snowie", and all was well, plus...she gets to sleep on the living room floor, and well what else is better than that?!(she's pretty easy to please)
Anyway...I miss them so much! When they are at their Dad's for the weekend they are only 45 minutes away. But right now they are a LONG ways away from me! Bug has just been so cute, he hugs me at least fifty times a day, and asks all the time how I am feeling. He'll come up to me and say,"you look like you need a big bear hug, as light as a feather so you won't throw up". He is a sweetheart, and so so much help around the house. Lexlee is simply my little darling. She has got to be one of the sweetest, most tender-hearted little girls ever(true she is also the slowest little girl I've ever known...seriously twenty minutes to put on earrings, fifteen minutes to tie her shoes...I am NOT joking!) You know I love you to the moon Lexlee:-)!!! I miss her and her gentle ways with Ashie, and Ashie simply adores her!
This will be a long week without them...I am looking forward to next Sunday!!

I love you two!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just for Fun!!!

I saw this over at April's( Straight from the heart), and decided it was perfect for today.
A -Age: 32
B -Bed size: queen
C -Chore you hate: dusting, I just have too much stuff.
D -Donuts or Kolaches: maple bars..ooh YUM!!! No idea what the other one is!
E -Essential start your day item: trip to the bathroom..the truth!
F -Favorite color: sunny yellow..O.K. any yellow!
G -Gold or Silver: silver for sure
H -Height: 5'8"
I -Instruments you play: piano, tried in Junior High to play the clarinet, but really wanted to play the sax!!!
J -Jokes or Rhymes: jokes, but I'm better at laughing at them than telling them.
K -Kids:3 girls, 1 boy
L -Living arrangements: our house
M -Movie: wow, ummmm..wanting to see Twilight again.
N -Nicknames: Tani, my brother use to call me fifi fumunga..he gives most everyone nicknames.
O-Overnight hospital stays: after having each baby.
P -Pet Peeve: filthy, dirty, untaken care of children, walking in the store with Mom perfectly made-up. My kids are my first priority.
Q -Quote you like: I love so many!!! Can't pick just one.
R -Right or left handed: right
S -Siblings: 5 brothers, 1 sister
T -Time you wake up: usually about 6:30...Jibbity does NOT sleep in.
U -Underwear: Absolutely!!!
V -Vegetable you dislike: creamed corn, my Mom made me eat them, I washed them down with milk. GAG!!!
W -Ways you run late: My sweet little Lexlee is on a time schedule of her own.:-)
X -X-rays you've had: arm, and foot...always wanted to break something as a kid, never happened, darn.
Y -Yummy food you make: Manicotti, thanks to 'Lis, tacos, because they are my fav., chicken enchiladas.
Z -Zodiac sign: Scorpio

*Still taking it easy, the bleeding has slowed down, but not stopped. Thanks for all the sweet comments!
Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's be thankful, shall we?

I haven't done my totally thankful list for a while, and it is high time I think outside of myself!!!
1. A sweet friend who was willing to run right over and stay with Jibbity and Ashie, when I needed to get to the doctor right away! Thanks Trish!!
2. A thoughtful friend who immediately thought of making my family dinner because she knew I wouldn't feel up to making it myself! Thanks Xazmin!!
3. My amazing Mom, who is my biggest fan, and who cries and laughs with me whenever I need her! I love you!!
4. My crazy kids who are always there to give a hug, whenever mom is really needing one.
5. My Hunter Dan who is there to comfort when I cry, pray when I need encouraging, and simply say Heavenly Father knows what's best, have faith!
*I started bleeding yesterday afternoon. My doctor wanted me to come right in for an ultrasound to see what was going on. The baby was moving around and the heartbeat was strong. I've got to take it easy... no sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming(what? I have a vacuum obsession, remember?...just kiddin')...and a few other no-nos. I am so scared, and worried.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover Me Edition

Here we go...It's been a few weeks since I have participated, and I've missed all the awesome support. So if you're looking to get healthy and fit, head on over to the adorable Amber's to link up!
This weeks question....

What's your favorite thing to drink while you're losing weight? We all know how important it is to get that water intake up, especially with summer almost here. What's your favorite way to spice it up?

To be honest I really just drink water...I really like crystal light, but seem to forget about it when I am grocery shopping. Right now though, water doesn't like me very much, and I have to separate my meals from my drinks with any hopes of keeping what I just ate down. That is really hard for me, because I drink a lot of water with my meals so it fills me better, and I eat slower. Not the case now. Anyway I just try to stay hydrated any way I can...unfortunately(because pop isn't very good for ya) something that seems to settle my stomach a little is sipping on watered down with crushed ice root beer. Weird huh!? Oh boy, and plain old vanilla ice cream seems to sooth my stomach too...not a very healthy choice.
How's my weight looking, well....despite the fact that I have thrown up 89 times in the last four weeks(yes, my kids are keeping track on the calendar, yes we are a strange family, but yes it is a little interesting..gross, but interesting)...I have gained a couple of pounds, so I guess the baby is getting some nourishment, or it could be the massive size of my larger than life boobs.
My house is dirty, my laundry will never be caught up again, I could sleep for the next four months, I rarely keep anything down, my family doesn't get fed very well(although my sweet neighbor brought over homemade chicken noodle soup and surprised me Sunday evening), I look like blah..., my face looks like a giant dot to dot, because of the massive outbreak of glorious zits, I get frustrated easily, I cry over everything...

....but, I wouldn't trade this blessing for the hottest body, clearest skin, the cleanest house, or even all the money in the world. This little one will be worth 1000 times of throwing up if that is what it takes. This sickness is worth it!! I just can't believe that I get to have another baby, and I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

I hope everyone is having a good week, and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

It is time for Friend Makin' Monday, head on over to Kasey's to join in the fun, and link up! I haven't joined in for FMM for sooo long, and feel so out of the loop, but today I am forcing myself to be on the computer a little, and get visiting!

This week's task is to tell 10 things you love about summer!!!

I LOVE summer!!! I actually love all the seasons, but I am ready for the warmth. (Funny though it is chilly in my house right now and I'm sitting in long pants, socks, and a sweatshirt.)

1. I love grillin'! Mostly because Hunter Dan does it, and it makes him feel cool to cook meat out on the grill.(love ya hon) I love that he takes care of it, and things always taste better when I don't have to cook them! YUM...bbq's!!!
2. The kids playing outside...love to hear their laughing and screaming when they are playing in the water, and having fun!

3. 4th of July...my Dad is the most patriotic guy I know, and my love for our country was installed in me by him! I love fireworks, so does Hunter Dan, especially the ones you aren't suppose to shoot off. Not that he does that or anything...

4. Camping for my family reunion. It's coming up....let's pray I feel better, the thought of the outhouses....

5. The smell... from the hot pavement, to the fresh cut grass, to the smell of dirt from working in the flowers.
6. Fresh fruit...one of the only things that have sounded good to me lately, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes...YUM!
7. Tomatoes, and corn on the cob from the garden. Can't wait for it to grow!!!

8. Love that you can be outside later, play, and just hangout...some of my favorite memories are from summer evenings growing up...EXCEPT for June bugs!(they fit right in there with big foot and the dark, except I HATE them more...oh how they terrified me as a kid, and truth be told they terrify me as an adult....o.k. they don't hurt you, but they stick on to you) I AM CRINGING!!!

9. Summer rain and thunderstorms...they are so amazing, and smell so good.

10. Just spending time with my kids and hubby, summer is just such a wonderful time of year!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Red, White, and Blue SWAP!!!!

Mamarazzi is having another swap, and I just couldn't resist!!! How fun does this sound????? Go on over and join in!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Amazing swap package, and a bit of this and that...

Well....I consider myself to be extremely lucky!!!(not normally, but in this case...for sure!!) I joined in on Mamarazzi's (Dandelion Wishes) "favorite things" swap, and guess who my swap partner was????? Mamarazzi herself!!!! Talk about a little intimidating!!! She is an amazing blogger with a HUGE following!!!, and WooHoo, I get her as my buddy!!!! She did not disappoint, in fact HOLY SMOKES....I was beyond spoiled!!!!
Check this out!!!!

Thank-you soooo much!!!! I love everything!!!


It's that time of year again...dance recitals, end of school, summer time. I LOVE this!!!! My little Jibbity had her dance pictures this week, that girl loves to get dressed up!! She was awake at six in the morning and asking if she could put her costume on, she is my little dancer girl... after my own heart. She makes me laugh daily!!! I took a few pics before we left for the studio, and planned on taking some candid shots while there with her class, but Ashie wouldn't let me put her down, and was (I think) kind of intimidated by all the extra people there. Jibbity has her recital in two weeks, and next year she goes into primary ballet, instead of creative...(this was her very first day of dance she was 2 1/2. She's in the black)

She is growing up too fast, how will I let her go to school this fall!? Breaks my heart. She has been my "little buddy" for the last four years while the big kids were already at school...*sigh*...pregnancy hormones, I cry over everything right now!!!


So...I have enjoyed(to say the least) So You Think You Can Dance...these last couple of weeks, and after last nights show, I can't wait for next week!!!!! What an emotional show last night(did anyone else cry, or is that just the hormones again?) I am excited to see what all the dancers will bring, I am disappointed in some of the awesome talent they sent home, but am also anxious to see these top twenty!!!! The talent..WOW!!!
I am still not feeling the best, BUT...I think(maybe-cross your fingers)that this sickness is letting up a little. Thanks for not giving up on me, and I am anxious to see what has been going on in all my awesome bloggy friends lives!!! I miss you all!
Have a WoNdErFuL Friday, and weekend!!!!