Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Crap!!

What started out as simply removing some tile behind the toilet to get ready for the new floor...changed to "Holy Crap" the sub-floor and even the ply-wood under that is rotten, along with the cupboard side, which we discovered was also growing black mold. (insert seriously loud screaming from the going crazy woman in this house)

Made for some humorous camera shots though...and I'm sure the neighbors love having our toilet perched on the deck...not that I really care since they are how should I put house trash?
Bug would seriously probably like this outdoor environment to sit on the pot, and I'm sure would absolutely drink a Mountain Dew while doing business.

Little Squishy just loves being outside!

Ashie, was very confused being a newly potty trained little monkey, and crying because the toilet was outside. On a somewhat funny and gross note...the water was turned off for hours on Saturday, leaving us only one toilet to use, and no flushing allowed...sick I know. Miss Ashie wouldn't use the toilet because there were shall we say "presents" already in there. Poor girl is traumatized. It made me laugh though, because I am such a good mom like that. :)

POINT is...who knows how long we will be without our other bathroom, who knows how long I will keep screaming in my head, and oh well at least the sun is shining today, and Bin Laden has been killed!!!!


FOUND this in my sweet Lexlee's drawing may or may not have made me cry, a lot!!! Such a sweetie she is!!!

Soooo sweet!!! Love this girl!! And miss my dad so much, especially since his birthday is this coming Saturday. :(


My little Ashie gets her tonsils and adenoids out Thursday, breaks my heart.

One last thought that is on my mind....