Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mod Podge Mania!!!

My amazing friend and business partner Xazmin is once again hosting her monthly Mod Podge Mania party. Go check out all the great projects and link up if you have one of your own.

My projects this month are actually Christmas gifts I just finished up for some ladies in my ward(church) that I am suppose to visit with each month, check and see how they are doing, and give them a quick spiritual lesson. Something I enjoy doing, but struggle to find the time lately. I am trying to be prepared this year with Christmas...considering baby number five will hit the seen around that time.
These turned out pretty cute I think.
They are 2x4s cut into 8" lengths. I used a little mod podge to adhere the paper, the letters are just little wooden ones I found at Joann's. Then a little tulle to tie around it. I will put them in clear bags and tie them with ribbon with a note that says "Home can be a Heaven on Earth". I hope the ladies will enjoy them. Simple, fun, and handmade. Be sure to go check out the Mod Podge party over at This is the Year!!!
Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Bloggy Friend Goodness!!!

What could be better than getting something wonderful in the mail??? I recently received two surprises in my mailbox, and they absolutely made my day!!!
First of all my awesome bloggy friend Sheila from A Little Dirt Never Hurt(who is my friend in camo decorating, and wilderness decor, love this girl!!!) Sent me the most adorable "taggie" blanket for the new baby boy coming in under 90 days..woohoo!!! She made this and I am absolutely in love with it and the idea!!! So stinkin' cute, I'm pretty sure Hunter Dan will be loving this, maybe even snuggling up with it himself, I'll have to watch him on that one!!!
Isn't this so adorable and perfect for my little huntin' baby boy!?! Thank-you soooooo much Sheila, you made my day for sure!!! Now I'm workin' on a little thank-you for you!haha! Be watching your mail!:-)
Next up....I recently starting following this adorable and talented lady Brittany at Goings On At The Glenn's.
I just happened to be her 10th follower and she sent me these awesome handmade cards!!!!
How great is that!!? Love these! Thanks Brittany!!!!:-)
It sure seemed to be a short weekend, but I got tons of Ribbon Blossoms stuff done!!! So excited to get them on the website!!! Lots to do today....most important though I promised to make cookies with Jibbity.
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Check out what's new!!!

Just a few things this morning before Xazmin and I head off to the greatest store ever!!! (Taipan Trading) LOVE this place!!! We need a fun break from working, and taking care of kiddos, so a visit to this store is definitely what we need, plus if you are into the Scentsy type candles at all, these guys have a brand of scented wax cubes that are AMAZING...in fact Xazmin picked one up for me for an "early"Birthday present last week, and it is the best scent ever!!!! Smells just like my very favorite candle from Salt City Candles....which I am not allowed to burn anymore.(Hunter Dan wasn't appreciating all the black on the ceiling from my obsession with candles...now I just have 4 Scentsys going at all times)
Just a few pics from the outside of the house...kind of sad but I didn't get as much put up as I would have normally...I ran out of energy....it's still fun though and festive just no coffin, or spider webs, or big spiders...maybe next year.

These pumpkins light up with orange lights inside...No pumpkins and gourds yet around the front door, I think maybe for family home evening in a couple weeks we will head to the pumpkin patch and pick some.We've had some of those chilly Fall mornings too...love it!


Just a quick pic of something new that will be added to our Ribbon Blossoms website in the next few days.....

These are a new style of butterfly clippies, we already offer "bug"(including ladybugs, bees and butterfly) clippies, but we have some new styles to be added.... lots of new, super cute products that are in the works, be sure to check back and look for the adorable Turkey clippie coming for Thanksgiving, and we will be announcing a Christmas giveaway soon...VERY cute things in it!! There is still time to order an adorable Halloween tutu costume too!!! Check us out...Ribbon Blossoms

Lastly, Bug and Lexlee had orthodontist appointments yesterday morning. Poor Bug had to have four new brackets put on.....all the while Lexlee got a huge surprise, phase one of her work is done....BYE BYE BRACES!!!!!

She will get a break for about a year, but then phase two will start...more braces!!! Her teeth look amazing, her front teeth were completely sideways when she got them on, and her poor little mouth just didn't have enough room for all those teeth...unbelievable what can be done. I can't believe how much she smiled yesterday!!! Lexlee you are beautiful, and I love you to the moon!!!
Off to the store we go!!!!! Have a fantastic day!!!!..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Someone, Baby blog swap, and Jibbity

Dear Hunter Dan,
Why is it so hard for you to remember to put the toilet seat and lid down after you have used the bathroom? I don't understand... perhaps if I left a sweet little note underneath the lid that said, "put it down, or you will be using the party house neighbors next doors new bushes!!!" It is NOT that hard to remember!!!
Grossed out wife
Dear body,
Why have I lost most bladder control? For once it would be really nice to sneeze, cough, or laugh without drip-dribbling!!! I would really like to NOT have to cross my legs and bend over at the waist when in public just to pray while I am coughing that I won't have that major of an accident. Let's cooperate here please.
Mom who will have to wear a diaper soon!
Dear Lexlee,
So very sorry I yelled at you the other day to help me find my cell phone. I really should have just looked harder, or stopped and thought for a second....considering I was talking to Michelle on it. Sorry again, remember...losing my mind!!
Your "losing it" Momma!
*To read more "Dear Someone" letters, or join in the fun head on over to Shortmama from Family of Shorts.
I recently participated in an awesome baby blog swap over at Kelly from Two Kids a Minivan and a lot of Love...SUPER FUN!!! My partner was Tina from The Fisher Five Family, she was awesome, and sent me some adorable things!!! Check this out!

This blanket is amazing!!!

Sooooo, super soft...love it! I needed some cute boy wash clothes, so was very excited to receive these!! And how sweet is this picture frame? She was fabulous, and this momma just had a new baby girl too. She is one busy gal with three little ones!!

THANKS sooo much Tina!!!


Jibbity got an award last week at school. Only two children from each class get it each month, and she was one of the first in her class. We were VERY proud of her!!!

CONGRATS you little monkey, we love you!!!
Life is crazy right now, I have been beyond a bad blogging friend...
Hope to be around to visit soon!!! Have a great Thursday afternoon!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Transformation for Fall!!! Being Thankful too!

1. Halloween decorations!
2. The glow of the orange lights that illuminate my living room at night.
3. That my big tough Bug is terrified of Halloween. True story!!:-)
4. That my Lexlee, and Jibbity adore Halloween, the spookier the better!
5. That I am feeling well enough to decorate!
O.K. sooooo....I over do the decorations I know, but I love it and hope you all enjoy...pictures don't do it justice, and you can't appreciate the glow from the lights and the sounds of the spooky spiders, witch, "scary dancin' guy", and the clock that makes howling noises on the hour. I LOVE this time of year!!! I'll post outside pics soon!:-)

Hope your week has been a good one so far!!! Have a FaBuLoUs Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Cuteness!!!

Halloween is coming!!!!
Are you looking for the perfect costume for your precious little baby girl or big girl??? Ribbon Blossoms has been super busy with costume tutu orders, but there is still time to order!
Xazmin and I have been busy filling Ribbon Blossoms orders, and we're adding new items to our website everyday!!! Go check out what we have to offer HERE, and be sure to check back often!!! We LOVE doing custom orders too, so if you have an idea let us know...especially with Christmas just around the corner.
The inside of the house is finally decorated, but Ashie is TERRIFIED!!! Kind of sad, but also kind of funny! She is slowly getting use to our spooky stuff. The outside is not done yet...we've had some great rain storms... good for the grass, not so good for decorating, today is looking hopeful! I will post some pics of the inside tomorrow. My toes are cold this morning, fall is definitely in the air...I love it!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!! I'm still working on visiting...slowly but surely!!:-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Where have I been?!?!?

It's been a while!!! Ashie is still sick with some nasty cold, it has passed on to me and a little to Jibbity(she's a little stuffily...her word) Ashie's poor little nose is raw from being wiped so much, she's acting better, but her nose is GROSS!!!
Here's a little recap(in photos) from the trip to Idaho, and a "life changing" event.haha
First of all
Bug's first ever football game...he is Number 16.
They played a super tough team, they didn't win but they had fun and got some good experience. Bug looked quite tough out there!!(and cute)

My guy with the ball...oh and that morning we ran out and bought him a rib protector...was I nervous??? Yep..sure was!! He was fine, but his best friend who plays on a different team broke his thumb in two places..ouch!!


After the game we got the car loaded and headed for Idaho. We had a ton of fun...it was so wonderful to see family, and the kids were in heaven with their favorite cousins!!!This is what you see out my parents back door...oh how I miss the country!!!
Uncle Kurt, helping Ashie with some yogurt...she helped herself to the fridge.Yummy corn from Grandpa's garden!
My niece Alicia...

Nephew Cody...

Lexlee and cousin Jenny...

AshieNiece Amy...
My brothers Randy and Kurt... My Mom, SIL's Shannon and 'Lis...

My brother Darrin...

My niece Ally...My newest niece Lily...

Last week I just pretty much spent the entire time taking care of Ashie, poor girl.(the reason I haven't been around to visit!!) On Saturday, we did head to Bug's second game. I decided to make some hair bows for the girls to show support to their favorite big brother, and we painted their faces a little.....

But I forgot the camera in the car for the game!!!OOPS!! They played well, our defense was awesome, Bug unfortunately threw an interception, and they ran it for a touchdown...major bummer!!! Tougher team though, but we played better...we will win...next time for sure!!!!

Battle bruises from Saturday!

After words we bought some Carl's Jr for linner(what my kids call the meal when you are too late for lunch, but won't have dinner because it is soo late in the afternoon) Ashie LOVES fry sauce!!!! Can ya tell? Her nose is really gross, don't look too closely!


Well, here it is the "life changing" event...for Jibbity anyway!!!






We had corn on the cob with our dinner last night, she took one bite and said, "OWWW", I asked her if she had a loose tooth, she said no. Then I looked and she had a little blood on her lip, her little tooth only took a couple of wiggles and it was out!!! She was soooo excited, she couldn't wait to get to bed and see if the tooth fairy would come! Did the tooth fairy come?????

Yep sure did!!!


Sorry for the long post!! I am hoping to finish up my fall and Halloween decorating in the next couple of days, and I will post some pics...things are starting to get spooky around here!!!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! Mmmmm...smells like fall in the air this morning!! I love it!