Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding...we have a winner!!!!


Dawn from Life at Eventually Cottage is the winner of the "100th post giveaway"!

Thank-you so much for all the comments and entries, what an amazing bunch of blogging friends I have!


I am sorry I haven't been to visit, I really haven't even been on the computer for the last week. This sickness thing has got to stop.:-) I'm going to try another prescription, and see if it helps at all. I'm not complaining, because I know the end result is sooo worth it, it just is frustrating that I can't do the things I need to, let alone the stuff I want to(blogging..hello:-)...). My Mom and niece were here for a few days, and they helped out soooo much. I was even able to take a four and a half hour nap... that was heaven.
Anyway...I hope to be visiting soon! I miss ya all!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Me Edition!!!

Welcome once again to EM:ME. Join us over at Amber's if you're interested in getting healthy and fit, and need a little support from some truly AMAZING bloggers!!!
Keep Amber in your thoughts and prayers today...she is having surgery to remove her wisdom teeth.
Today's question....

Name your guilty pleasure. Think of a healthier choice you could use as a substitute.
Pizza....I LOVE this stuff! Lean cuisine has some decent pizza choices that are low calorie, and satisfy that pizza need. Especially if you sprinkle some crushed red pepper on it.
Chips...mostly Doritos. It's best to just stay away completely for me!:-)

Salsa and chips....yummy!!! The salsa isn't bad for you, it's the darn salty goodness of the chips. There are many things you can use instead of chips though and still get a salsa fix!!!

My week has been o.k. I am down another three pounds, but that is from being sick. I need to drink more liquids, but they don't settle well in my stomach. I try to eat and drink at least 20 minutes apart. Seems to help a little. Good old morning sickness!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a little of this and that...

(Kind of a long post...sorry!!)I won a couple of give-aways!!! WooHoo!!!

First off... I won shortmama's awesome giveaway, and wow, check out the amazing things that I received in the mail....

...totally spoiled! The funny thing is I kept teasing her(and begging) to pick me. I couldn't believe it when I found out I had won. I heart shortmama, she is a sweetie, and hilarious! We have a lot in common, and I am so glad I have gotten to know her!

*Then over at A Shimmy in my Spirit, (she is someone new I have just met, who is very sweet and talented in sooo many areas) I won one of her awesome canvas cards. You have got to go check these out. I can't wait to get the one I picked in the mail!!!!, and get to know her better!

I have been so lucky!!!

I have also been BLESSED beyond what I deserve with awards!!! I really appreciate them, and the sweethearts that passed them on to me!

This award made me laugh!!! I love this blog!!! My type of gal, and she always has something wonderful to "put on a pillow"!!!Thanks so much to...
Small House!!!

gave me the "splash" award because my body looks like this....oh wait, no it doesn't! She is awesome and I love to read her posts!!! Glad I ran onto her blog a few months back!!! Thanks so much!!!

I am NOT the greatest cook in the world, so I absolutely LOVE visiting this blog...someday I know she will send me some of her delicious food, so I can stop licking the screen every time I read her posts!!! She is amazing!! Thanks so much Girlichef !!!

Jolene from The little things in life...
gave me the awe-summ award!! She is such a sweetie, and so stinkin' cute!!! Her blog is most definitely awe-summ too!!!! Thank-you!!!!!

* I am not going to play by the rules. I love so many bloggers out there, that I can not just pick this time!!! I feel like there are way too many of you that deserve these awards, sooo....everyone can take them!!! I just feel blessed that I have received these in the first place, and even more blessed by the amount of new friends I have made in the past few months!!! What started out as a simple journal has grown to something truly amazing. I love you all, so PLEASE...take some awards back to your blogs!!!


Why do they grow sooo fast?

My little Ashie with "big girl" ponies!!!(15 months old) She is the first of my girls to reach this milestone at this young of an age. What fun she is, and she is feeling better from her latest illness of croup. Her nose on the other hand won't stop running for anything, and the poor girl fell out of the flower bed on Saturday, and has a really scraped up nose. She's lookin' good!


Fancy, Shmancy!!!

Hunter Dan had his annual presidents club dinner for work at a country club. I wasn't about to go and throw-up in front of everyone, so Jibbity got to be daddy's date! She kept asking me which dress she would look the most "fabulous" in. She loves to dress up, and would everyday if I'd let her. Hunter Dan's date was the cutest little five year old there!

p.s. Hunter Dan does not smile for pictures, but he should because his smile is so stinkin' cute!!!


I had my first doctors appointment yesterday...guess what, I am definitely pregnant. My nurse laughed at me, and was excited to see me there again so soon! I love my doctor, he is very kind, and was excited for me to be having a fifth baby.
I am feeling a little better. I am still nauseous all the time but I am keeping down a little bit more of what I eat. The prescription has taken the edge off, which has helped, but it makes me very tired! It will all be worth it though!:-) I feel very blessed to be having another little one.

Well there is just a little of what has been going on.
Hope everyone is well, I am still catching up with everyone when I can.

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

100th post giveaway, and Friend Makin Monday!!!

I can't believe it...100th post....thanks for hangin' around here!!! I have loved meeting all of you amazing bloggers out there!!! Here's a little give-away to celebrate!

This stitchery is in an 8x10" frame. The fun thing about this give-away is that I will send you six other stitcheries throughout the rest of the year that you can trade out with. These will include: 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and Easter/spring. I haven't created them yet....but they'll be cute!!!!, and what a fun surprise to get in the mail every couple of months!!!!

To enter: leave me a comment(gets you 1 entry), become a follower(gets you 2 entries!!!) If you already follow be sure to let me know!!!! Easy, easy right??? Give-away ends Wednesday, May 27th at midnight!!!YAY!


Friend Makin' Monday!!!!

Head on over to Kasey's to join in the fun, and answer these questions!!!

You wouldn't be caught dead where?: In a dark wilderness, by myself!!!(Bigfoot...HELLO)

Do you have any hidden talents?: My fingers are all double jointed, and so are two of my that is TALENT!!!!!:-)

Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at: cleaning, and crafts(for the most part)

Name two things you consider yourself to be very bad at: math, and cooking

Have you ever won a trophy?: yes...cheerleading, when I was the coach.(that was fun!)

Name one thing not many people know about you: sorry, I have no idea!

Name your earliest memory:when I tripped over my cat Bruce and fell down the back cement stairs.

What was your favorite musical group in jr. high?:Bonjovi

What was something the worst roommate you ever had did?: I can't think of anything. Actually, I had pretty good of my roommates and I were the one to play some tricks on them...oops!:-)

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?: a dance teacher and a mom.

What was your worst dating experience?: My "friend" set me up on a blind date with her boyfriends friend, and he was missing most of his teeth, not a good sign!!!

If you were about to die what would your last meal be?: pizza...lots and lots of pizza!!!

Who is the most important person in you life?: my family for sure, I couldn't pick just one!

If your house was on fire what 3 things would you grab on your way out?: My family, and my scrapbooks...that is more than three...sorry!

What a great way to meet and get to know bloggers!!! Thanks Kasey!!!
Don't forget about my giveaway!!!!
Have a WONDERFUL Monday!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Totally Thankful Thursday! sorry!

1. My fixed washing machine!...finally
2. The sound of a lawnmower outside.
3. Xazmin staying with my kiddos last night while we took Ashie to the E.R.
4. A sweet bunch of blogger friends, that still visit me, even when I haven't been a very good friend back. Sorry everyone!, but thanks for understanding!
5. The sound of Jibbity laughing.
We took Ashie into the E.R. last night, she was super congested, barking cough, and struggling to get her breath. She has croup, they gave her a breathing treatment, and some medicine to open her airway. Five hours later, we made it back home. She's pretty miserable today, but still smiling a little.
I have received a few awards that I need to pass along. I won a couple of giveaways that I can't wait to post about, and my next post will be my 100th!!!!!!(can't believe it) Not to mention I have still not gotten around to visiting, SO SORRY!!!! doctor called me in a prescription so hopefully that will help the morning sickness a little, so I can function, and get some laundry done...poor Hunter Dan is being Mom, Dad, cook, laundry service, breadwinner, and everything else right now, and I appreciate him sooo much!! Thanks hon, I love you.
I hope everyone is doing great and having a fantastic Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Me Edition

It's time once again for EM-ME!!! Head on over to Amber's to join in with this amazing group of bloggers, and boost your motivation to get healthy!!! Lots of wonderful support, and great friendships to be made. Thanks ladies for helping me out in my quest to be fit!
This week's question:
Show us your inspiration picture. Of yourself skinny, of yourself fat, of a celebrity that inspires you to keep going.
So... this is my "Think Thin" wall. It's inside of my craft room cupboard, and the pictures I chose are some random moments that I remember feeling really good about myself. I am tall, with hips!!! Just how it is, also at the time of these pics I had no boobs! Which looking back, I would rather be thin with no boobs, than fat with gazoombas(my mom's word).

Interesting picture I know, but I was a happy 135, I was active with two little kids, and dance(Irish-step). I had recently gotten engaged to Hunter Dan, and life was good. I look to this picture often because of my attitude, not just my weight.

As of this week... I have lost another five pounds...happy?..of course, but losing weight from throwing-up, not so good. Which brings me to.......

O.K. The truth is... I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting our fifth child!!!! Yes we are excited, yes this was a bit of a surprise, and yes for the last week I have been suffering from EXTREME morning sickness(that lasts all day and night). Which is why I have not been on the computer much, haven't been around visiting my favorite bloggers, but have lost five pounds. I was really sick with Ashie...for the entire nine fact when I had her, I weighed less than when I found out, which was kind of cool, except for the fact that then after she was born my appetite came back, and I gained all the weight I should have gained during the pregnancy. NOT GOOD!! I am sincerely praying for this sickness to only last a few more weeks, because it is honestly debilitating. For those of you who understand, you know what I am talking about. For those of you who are lucky, and haven't experienced this, it is like having the stomach flu ALL THE TIME!!! Nothing stays down, not even water. This is really gross I know...sorry.

What to do??? I still want to participate in EM-ME, just a little differently. I really want to eat healthy, and keep up with everyone. I will just be posting my weight gain (or loss) depending on how I'm feeling. Hope ya don't mind!!!

FIVE KIDS!!! Holy smokes!!!!! By the way the due date....December one plans that!!!:-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the Evening...

I had a wonderful Mother's day!!! I was able to sleep in...still not feeling well, at all...Hunter Dan actually had an upset stomach too, so nobody went to church. When I woke up I was taken outside with my eyes closed to find a beautiful assortment of flowers waiting to be planted. Oh I was sooo excited!!!! The kids were so happy, because Hunter Dan had taken them to pick the flowers themselves. They thought that was awesome, and loved telling me which ones they personally had picked. I love yard work, and I've been anxious to get my polka-dot flower pots filled!!!:-) Sitting there also was a brand-new camera...WooHoo!!!!! It is just like Xazmin's, which I love! Oh what a wonderful day!!! I was sooo spoiled. The rest of the day was spent...mostly in bed, since I can't seem to keep anything down. (Sorry too much info.)
It was a very nice, relaxing day...thank-you soooo much Hunter Dan, Bug, Lexlee, Jibbity, and Ashie, I love you all more than you could ever know!!!
Yesterday evening was spent in the yard. Bug mowed the lawn, the girls pulled weeds, and helped me get my flowers planted, and Hunter Dan did many different jobs around the yard that needed to be done. Everything looks so nice again!!! After the work was done, the kids played on the trampoline, while I sat and took some fun pics with the new camera. They loved this and would have done it for hours.
I am looking forward to hopefully getting around visiting everyone soon!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!

" I never understood the love my Mother had for me....until I became a Mother!"
Just some of the things I love about my Mom...

1. She is a goof! She has said some of the most hilarious things I have ever heard.

(out camping there are no rules)

2. She is an amazing Grandma...the kind who gets down and plays with the kids.

3. She has dressed up in some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes you have ever seen, and won contests with them.
4. She is short(about 5'2"), I took after my Dad I am 5'8". I have been this tall since I was in junior high, and when I hug her she fits under my chin.
5. She comes across as very proper and classy, but we the family know the truth!haha
6. She is beautiful, (I would love her even if she weren't), but she is, and she's always taken care of herself.(she does her hair and make-up out camping..."you never know when you might see Robert Redford."
7. She is tough as "boiled owl" she says!
(she doesn't smoke, not really sure what she was doing in this pic...just being my mom!)
8. She has dealt with some extremely sad times in her life, and suffered through for the rest of the family, even with the most broken of hearts.
9. She has always been my biggest fan...even now when I am 32 years old.

10. She can outwork anyone I know....believe me, as a teenager I thought the yard, and house work would never be done!
11. She has a sweet and wonderful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
12. She falls asleep in the best of movies, and then when you wake her she claims she was never really asleep, as she wipes a bit of drool from her mouth.
13. She isn't afraid to break out into some crazy dance, at any time.
14. She is very talented, and creative!!! Thanks for passing on a small portion of that to me!
15. She has been the most amazing example to me my entire life, and when my dad says, "you're just like your Mother"...that is the best compliment ever!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mom...I love you so very much, and wish we lived closer. Thanks for all the many things you do for my family and me. I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine! Give yourself a big hug from all of us here!!!...and have a great day!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Wonderful moms out there!!!
Please forgive me for not visiting for a while, I have not been feeling well, and haven't been on the computer much. I look forward to catching up with all my awesome bloggy friends soon! Hope your weekend has been a good one!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dollar Store Challenge and Amy's Round Robin!!!!

DOLLAR STORE CHALLENGE!!!!! Join in at Life at Eventually Cottage...
The challenge is to search your local dollar store, or the dollar spots at your favorite store. Create a home decor item or a gift using only items from the spots I just mentioned, and supplies that you already have on hand. The total cost of the item that you create CANNOT exceed $5!!!
I started with this frame, it's about an 11x20. Everything else I had at home from other projects. This is what I came up with!.....

I love anything patriotic it makes me feel proud!

What a fun challenge!!! What is exciting too, is that the first person to comment on this post will receive the creation I made!!! WooHoo!!! It's a little pay it forward, stinkin' fun huh!?


I also thought I'd add this little inexpensive idea on to Amy's Round Robin! Be sure to go over and check out all the fun there!!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ribbon challenge and Totally Thankful Thursday

Each month Heidi over at Blue Eyed Blessings, holds a craft challenge. This month the challenge was to come up with some way to use ribbon. Go to her adorable blog to check out lots of fun ideas, or to share something you have done. Head on over and link up.

I originally got this idea from U Create. I thought this was such a fun idea to dress up, or add some length to shorts or capris that are getting too short.
Lexlee wore these shorts last summer, but they have now been handed down to Jibbity. She already has some khaki capris that still fit her, so I decided this was the perfect chance to use this idea. Here's how they looked.
I added 30 folds of ribbon to each leg. It actually didn't take very long, I started out by sewing each ribbon on individually...that was takin' too long. I ended up just tacking each piece on with a tiny drop of hot glue, then went back over it all with the sewing machine. Worked great!!! I then decided to add a ribbon strip around the entire leg...ending up like this...

In the tutorial, the ribbon pieces are shorter, and using a wider ribbon. I think this turned out cute too.

I used some ribbon as a belt, and of course had to make a matching hair bow(thanks to Jibbity)...and there you have it!

These pictures don't show off the cute colors very well, but hopefully you get the idea. This was fun and easy and I would definitely do it again. Jibbity LOVES them, in fact the whole outfit is ready and waiting to be worn to the birthday party she got invited to for Friday afternoon. Here is the bow.....(just using what was left over)

Be sure to go here to check out all the other ribbon projects!!!


It's also time for.....Totally Thankful Thursday!!
I love being able to jot some things down that I am thankful for...I am really so blessed. Some are silly, some are funny, and some are very random....
1. the lilacs I could smell from my deck tonight.
2. a great pediatric dentist(they all have appointments first thing this morning, in fact Jibbity is sooo excited, because she loves it there!...weird girl!)
3. getting so many things accomplished yesterday!
4. the repairman coming to fix my washing machine
5. is grocery day today, and we are getting kind of low!!
Hope every one's week is going great!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Extreme Makeover-Me Edition!!!

To join in for some super amazing support, head on over to Amber's to link up!!! She is adorable, and so sweet, what a great way to help each other out, thanks Amber!!!
What kind of week have I had?
Well....I'd like to say I was perfect, that I exercised every day, that I ate the best ever, but.....ya know...that isn't quite true. I've not been feeling very well, and had company, and yep I slacked....again! But....I DID NOT gain!!! So I am grateful for that!
This weeks question:
"We're all here at EM:ME because we're unhappy with our bodies, or our health; there are things that we are trying to change.
But today you must share one thing with everybody that you absolutely love about yourself"
Holy Smokes...are ya kidding me?!?! I am absolutely one of the most critical "on myself" people in the world. With that said...I have thought about this.....and I know that a positive attitude is sooo healthy! So first biggest goal for next week is to be positive(to myself, and for me). And second, something I love about me is........
my smile...
I feel like a smile can go so far, whether in a store passing a mother who is going crazy with her kids, to a grumpy man. " I like to smile...smilings my favorite"( the movie..Elf) it's hard to be grumpy if you are always tryin' to smile! So there you have it, I don't like to talk about myself, so I am done now! But thanks ladies for making us have to find something we "love" about ourselves!
Have a wonderful day!!!!
p.s. it's gorgeous outside, and the birds are singing! I love today!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am soooo lucky!!!

I recently participated in a "favorite things" swap. I was super lucky and was partnered up with the adorable Kelly from Two kids a minivan and a lot of love. She is soooo super cute, with a beautiful family, and a new baby on the way! So exciting! I received my awesome package in the mail yesterday, and it was like Christmas waiting to rip it open!!! She has excellent taste, and everything in there were things I love too! How lucky am I?
Kelly is very talented, and made these adorable cards. Sooo cute.
I love this lotion, and this candle smells so good, and summery.
Check out this cutest EVER pencil holder!!! Notice the daisies, I have actually looked at this many times!
What an amazing swap!!! So many great things! I can't wait to get out and plant the seeds!!!! I love it Kelly, thanks soo much! Now off to hide the remainder of my sour patch kids, since everyone else seems to think they are theirs!
Look at all my goodies!!!
Have a FABULOUS Tuesday!!!