Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time for some Mod Podge Mania!!

My crazy, fun friend Xazmin over at This is the Year, is hosting her monthly party of Mod Podge Mania. Go check out her adorable project, and link up if you have one of your own. Plus, she is giving away her project to one lucky blogger!!! Be sure to head on over!!
My project is something from the living room(remember, this room is is being transformed into a cabin-y, great outdoors, hubby's trophy room).
This is a table I got from my mom(kinda just took actually, back in 1996 when I was a newlywed). It has been painted many times, I painted it the green after Christmas last year, to start the transformation of the room. It was previously a shabby chic white.
Oh the hubby will be pleased with this project....I took some camo fabric I had and cut it to fit, then dry brushed some brown paint onto the edge of the table top, then mod podged the fabric onto the top. When it was dry, I sanded the edges, and there ya have it....

Sooooo not your beautiful, feminine project, but another "manly" step to this changing room. I am hoping to re-do the massive wreath above the stairs this weekend....we'll see. For pics of the before living room go here.
Remember to head on over to Xazmin's and check out all the projects!!
Don't forget to enter my Christmas in July giveaway, it ends tomorrow at midnight!!!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

Time for a swap!!!!

Shawn over at Seriously is doing a swap for her upcoming birthday!! I have done a few swaps, and they are too fun!!! Shawn is awesome, hilarious, and absolutely darling! Go take a look and join in! What a great way to get to know other bloggers.

Can't wait to get my swap partner!!

Totally Thankful Thursday

1. Reruns of old T.V. shows(that make me laugh) when I am up late working on projects and not able to sleep.
2. Air conditioning, it's been quite warm here!
3. Bug living through the first 3 nights of football, I am one worried mom! He's playing up a year, so he's with a bunch of 7th graders.
4. The news of my niece and her husband expecting their third baby in March. Their other two kids are sooo stinkin' cute!
5. The birth of my newest great-niece...she's too cute, and I can't wait to snuggle her!! WELCOME...Lily...July 27th...7lbs 3 oz.

SO many things to be grateful for!!!

I'm working on some cute baby boy projects, burp clothes, and a blanket. Well, hopefully they will be cute!:-) I'll post some pics when I get them finished.

Oh, and I guess I'll be making myself a Dentist appointment since I broke one of my teeth in half tonight. I unlike Jibbity, do NOT like going to the dentist!!!! Ya know there isn't a treasure chest of toys to pick from for the moms when they are done.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

I haven't joined in EM:ME forever, but truthfully there has not been much to report. The adorable Amber, hosts this fabulous place where we bloggers who are looking to get healthy, and fit can join in and get some awesome support. Head on over and link up!

O.K. so my makeover right now is just getting bigger boobs, belly, and all the other parts that seem to swell with pregnancy. But because of being sick, I have only gained a couple of pounds in the first 19 weeks. The baby seems to be doing just fine though, and other than the enamel on my teeth, I think the puking is not hurting anything. My count as of now is...224 "barfs". Yep the kids are still keeping track. Gross, I know!

How is everyone else doing? I am anxious to get around and see!
Jibbity has a dentist appointment first thing this morning. She is weird!!! She loves going to the dentist, this isn't just a check-up, this is for 2 cavities getting filled. Crazy girl!:-)
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Don't forget to enter my "Christmas in July" giveaway here!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I am doing a fun Christmas in July giveaway(I posted this a couple of days ago also, you can leave comments to enter at either post!)...what you will receive?....that is a surprise of course, but it will be full of great Christmas goodies, and a handmade gift or two from me. Be sure to enter!!!

1 entry...leave a comment

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3 about my giveaway on your blog

Super easy, and who doesn't love a surprise in the mail????


Sorry nothing more today, I am anxious to share pics of my reunion, but
Ashie and I both have some kind of nasty cold!!! So, we are taking it easy.
Also, my new friend Connie at I started out as a child is having a fantastic giveaway over on her blog! She is awesome, and I am so happy to have just met her, and can't wait to read more!!! Go check out her fun blog and her really great "Happy Birthday" giveaway!!! Sorry though I do hope I win!:-)
Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in July...Giveaway!!!!

I absolutely love HOLIDAYS!!! Especially Christmas!!!
I have been thinking a lot the last few days about Christmas shopping, neighborhood gifts, projects, and decorating. I have started making my detailed lists that come with the holiday. This year will be different since I am expecting baby boy(baby number 5) on Christmas day! My goal is to have everything done by the first of November. Will it happen?....not sure, but I am sooo excited!

Because of all the thinking of my most favorite of all Holidays, I decided I needed to share something with the blogging world!

A Christmas In July giveaway!!!!! What the winner will receive?...a fun package of Christmas goodies, and a project or two made by me. It will be a surprise, and those are the best things to receive in the mail!(hopefully you'll like it!:-)!!)

To enter:

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3 about this giveaway on your blog!

EASY, right!?! (let me know in your comment, what you do)

Have fun, and everyone have a wonderful Saturday!!!!

I will pick the winner at midnight on Saturday, August 1st!


Just a little update...I still am NOT feeling wonderful, the "barfing" still occurs numerous times daily, but I actually am feeling a bit better, I just know that after I eat I will most likely throw-up. That's o.k. though, my little baby boy will be sooo worth it!:-) All the projects make the time go by faster, and keep my mind off puking a little!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I went in for an ultrasound this morning......AND...

Can I tell you how thrilled Hunter Dan, and Bug are?!? What a happy day, we are all giddy!!! Everything looks good, the placenta is where it should be, but because the baby is still quite small I have to go back in a month to take a better look at the heart.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Back!!!, but where are my pictures?!!

I'm back, we are home, the unpacking is done, and the laundry is started but will probably never end!!!! We had a wonderful time, with lots of mosquitoes,(we're not big fans of the little pests(but who is?) We almost lost my Dad to West Nile Virus three years ago, I'll have to tell more about that one later!) I can't wait to share all the pictures, but for some reason I can't seem to get them all on my computer. DANG!!! Here's just a couple of the beautiful wilderness we were in, and one that has an interesting story to go with it!:-)
I can't wait to catch up with everyone...lots to do today!!! I've already been to the Dermatologist with Jibbity this morning, and we have orthodontist appointments this afternoon. Bug and Lexlee are heading to their Dad's after their appointments for another reunion. So the laundry is top priority!! I'm hoping that after the little girls are in bed I can spend some time visiting!!
I have missed everyone out in bloggy land!! But oh how great it was to spend time with my family! (I LOVE you all, and already miss you!)
It's awesome to be back home!!!
(with a real bathroom, and shower)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


My crazy, wonderful, sweet friend Xazmin is the BIG 33 today!!!! Go leave her a Happy Birthday wish!!!

Hope your day is wonderful girl!!!

Thanks for being such a great friend, for all the laughs, the fun, and the memories!! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and sorry I am not there to celebrate! We'll party next week!!! Love ya!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Headin' to the GREAT outdoors!!!

Family Reunion we come!!!! is getting time to head on out to beautiful, sagebrush filled Idaho!!!!(tomorrow) My hubby and kids have been looking forward to this reunion since we packed up and headed home last year. I love camping too, but look more forward to seeing my family than actually being in the dirt. Because we have soo much stuff to take... it takes both vehicles, a lot of gas, and about seven hours. It will be lots of relaxing, mosquitoes, fishing, 4-wheelin', food, and laughs. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have to say though, I am not looking forward to the...
I have reached nearly 200 times throwing up now, and well...I really prefer a clean, well ventilated, flush toilet bathroom. Wish me luck... long drive, camping, outhouses, and puking don't go very well, but this is my family we're talking about, and I haven't seen a lot of them since Christmas time!!!!!
Ashie was so little last year, and couldn't walk! This year will be a challenge! In fact there will be three little girls all about the same age getting into everything. I think we need a cage! I actually can't wait to see her out there, she will love it for sure!!!

I really can't wait to see these awesome kids, their parents, and the family that wasn't able to be there last year!!!

MY FAMILY...I can't wait to see you ALL!!!!

MY BLOGGY FRIENDS...I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and I look forward to catching up. Be sure to stop by Xazmin's on the 16th!!!! She'll be celebrating her 33rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Totally Thankful Thursday, and how sweet is this?

I have so much to be thankful for, but sometimes I forget and focus on the trials instead of the's a few that popped into my mind.
1. I get to see my family in Idaho next week!!!!!!
2. I worked in the yard yesterday for a while, and it felt wonderful to be out in the fresh air!!!
3. My laundry is caught up!!(for two seconds)
4. I'm still throwing up numerous times daily, but have been able to get some things done, and have more energy!
5. Ashie is crawling all over me as I write this, and being so silly. I love it!!

Yesterday while out in the flowers, I found some of the decor that goes around my door that had fallen out. This is what it looks like around my door.
I thought a bird had been building a nest up in the grapevine, because every time someone would open the storm door, a bird would fly off. Anyway, I got the ladder out and while putting the flowers and toole back in I saw the nest, and decided to take it out and show it to Jibbity. When I reached up to look at it and take it out, this is what I saw...
How sweet is this?!? There are actually three little birds in there, and they made my day. As I was tucking in a flower above my porch light I noticed this...
Another nest with eggs inside.
They were just beautiful, and after I let Jibbity climb the ladder, see both of the nests, and took a couple of pics, I left them alone. Now as I sit here by my open living room window, and hear the sweet sounds of birds chirping...I like to think they are the precious little babies we discovered yesterday above our door. It makes me smile!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just to remember.....I LOVE Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I love this holiday!!! When I reminded Hunter Dan how much I loved it he said,"yeah, and every other holiday." It's true I usually decorate my yard and house for each holiday or season, just didn't happen this year! Too much time with my head in the toilet:-)! I'm hoping by Halloween I can scare the yard up good!(it's one of my most favorite!!!)

At least I was able to decorate the girls up a bit! Here's some photos of the day, there are a lot, and this post is long... just humor me!:-)
*Also, just to explain a little...Bug, and Lexlee were at there Dad's for the holiday this year, so it was just the two little girls. July 2nd was their last day of school, and Lexlee wanted to be patriotic, so here is what she wore on the last day of school. Bug wore red, white, and blue also, but I didn't get a pic of him.
We(I, Hunter Dan had many things he was trying to accomplish this weekend)spent a nice relaxing day at home...mostly. We had to be over to the church at 8:45 to line up for the "bike" parade. It is something Jibbity has been looking forward to for an entire year, because a few days after last years parade, she learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. Her and Hunter Dan spent the evening before decorating her bike, she told me I could have a break this year from decorating, since I was sick.(too cute)
Photos from the parade, and at the church while waiting for the bikes to return from around the block.
Our ward always has a breakfast after the parade, but I wasn't feeling up to staying, so we just came home, and that is where my relaxation comes in! Later in the evening Hunter Dan cooked us some yummy hamburgers on the grill, and then when it was dark, he started his fireworks show. I sooo wanted to see some big ones this year, but Ashie was pretty nervous, so we opted for the home version. Around us there were many who don't follow the law, and buy illegal... then shoot them off in the city,(my law abiding hubby..haha.. only had a few left from last year) so I still got to see many that were up in the air! Gorgeous!

He LOVES doing fireworks!!!

The girls had already had their baths to be ready for church....Ashie was quite nervous, but as long as I didn't put her down she was o.k.

I never could understand how kids could fall asleep during fireworks, but....

Too sweet!

What a great day, and what a great country we live in!! Hope everyone's holiday was safe and wonderful!! Have a fantastic Monday!