Tuesday, May 25, 2010


While being with my Dad at the hospital....
My lil' squishy face turned five months...he is sooo much fun, such a good baby, and nice and fat, you'd never know he was "failure to thrive" now. The time has gone by sooo fast.

We had a crazy snow storm yesterday, and it weighed down the maple tree in the backyard to the point the branches actually touched the ground.
Hunter Dan went to his "Presidents Club dinner" with his date....Jibbity. She had a ball!!!
Ashie had to have a picture with Daddy and Jibbity too.
Pictures of my Dad and some of my brothers in the hospital...things are not good, but we are hopeful! Scott, Darrin, my Dad, and Kurt.
My brother Kurt, me, Lil' Squishy, and my Dad.
I have been spending hours and hours each day at the hospital. Thanks for all the prayers, love, and concern for me and my Dad.
Love ya my Friends!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

While I'm at the hospital thinking...

*my dad had open-heart surgery here in Utah. He only had a five percent chance to make it through surgery if they performed it in Idaho, and they refused to do it I'm sooo grateful I can be here close, and basically I am running a small hotel in my house for family. It's wonderful having family here!!
Outside my window...I am in the ICU waiting room looking at the gray clouds, the Oquirrh mountains, and the gorgeous American flag blowing in the breeze.
I am thinking...holy smokes it has been four weeks today since my Dad went in for surgery.
I am thankful...for my fabulous niece Michelle who drove here from Idaho to watch my little monkeys so I can be at the hospital.
I am praying...that Lil' Squishy Face will fall asleep soon.
I am reading...what is that???
I am creating...nothing right now, but am looking forward to painting and mod podging an old childs school desk, I found at the D.I.
From the kitchen...looking forward to making and smelling some yummy cookie bars this evening...We can't go in to see Dad between six and eight, so we take a break then.
Around the house...Eight children 12 and under, my brother Kurt, niece Michelle, and me...for now, my mom will come back from Idaho after working a couple days, and Hunter Dan will be home from work on Friday afternoon.
One of my favorite things...Dr. Pepper, light ice...helps to keep me awake, and helps with the massive headaches I have been having.
A few plans for the rest of the week...hangin' out at the hospital, trying to rest, enjoying family, and praying for improvement for my Dad.
Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for all the sweet comments and prayers on here, and FB. I appreciate them soooo much!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey Everyone.....


I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day celebrating all the amazing ladies in our lives. Update on my Dad...we are on day 19 in ICU, there have been many complications, and the hospital has consumed our life right now. I look forward to getting back to blogging!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and Mother's Day!!!