Monday, June 28, 2010

This one made number 8...

My little Jibbity performed in dance recital number 8 a week ago. She LOVES being on the stage, and has so much fun performing. Thanks sweetie for another fun recital!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, we spent ours in the mountains at Hunter Dan's family reunion, it was gorgeous, I will post pics soon!
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Work of Art...

Simply put...
Lexlee is a sweetheart...she's quiet, and graceful, but can play in the mud with the best of them. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight or be the center of attention, she's thoughtful and mothering, but can give attitude like a 13 year old. She's beautiful inside and out, has a mop of gorgeous hair, but would prefer it in just a "pony". Love, love, love this girl!!!

In trying to find a hobby for her...we looked to many different activities. She played on a soccer team a few times, but when the ball rolled towards her, she casually walked in the other direction. She tried many types of dance lessons, ballet, tap, clogging...but really didn't like to perform, and found it kind of boring which of course broke my heart, being that dance was my life! She tried piano lessons, and enjoyed it a bit...but lost interest quickly. She has always loved to draw, and create though so when I saw a sign for art lessons I thought...HA, this is it.
She is taking oil painting, LOVES it and looks very forward to Tuesdays. A few weeks ago she brought home her first painting. She's only 10 years old, but I was sooo proud I cried, and she beamed!!!!

I LOVE this painting!!!! I am having it framed and it will be hung in my kitchen. I think we've found her "hobby". Now if we could just figure out a way to get her to move a little faster...have ya ever known anyone that can take 20 minutes to put shoes on???? She is awesome!!!

Have a fabulous day!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Romeo, Romeo....

Wherefore Art Thou...?
He's right here and he's my son!!!! That's right Bug was cast as Romeo in the sixth grade Shakespeare play performances. I may be a little biased but he is a pretty dang cute boy with those big ol' dimples, and tallness. He was awesome, and did such a fabulous job!! I was one proud momma!! Here's some pics of my handsome tights wearing son....

Bug is the one in the middle.

Proclaiming his love for Juliet.

The cast of "Romeo and Juliet"

A friend Ryan, Bug's teacher and play director Mr. Milkannan, and my cutie little Romeo.
Bug's friend Alisa...
Bug and his good friend Hunter...

Bug told me one day after school, "uhhhhh, we HAD to try out for the play today. I tried not to do very good so I won't get a big part." I thought to myself, how funny it would be if he got Romeo. The next day he came home, plunked down on the couch, and quietly said, "I'm Romeo". I laughed.........a lot.(he didn't seem all that upset really or I wouldn't have laughed)

Funny thing though, I found out a few days later from Bug's good friend's mom, that my little Romeo actually tried really hard to get a good part, and even memorized some lines. I love this 4 months shy of a teenage boy...he is a hoot, and one heck of a good kid!!! Love you buddy!!!
Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It took 8 1/2 weeks, 6 surgeries, numerous infections, and many specialty Doctors....but Dad finally left the Salt Lake Valley, and headed to the rehab floor in the hospital in Idaho Falls!!! Many, many times we were told that his chances were slim, and his prognosis was poor. I spent day in and day out with Dad through the bad, worst, and eventually positive times. I am soooo very grateful that I could be there for him. Now that he's four hours away I don't have the opportunity to be with him every day, and phone calls have to do. We are sooo blessed to have had him pull through all of this, and for all the prayers and fasting our family is forever grateful. To my sweet friends and family who were there whenever I needed for babysitting, food, and a shoulder to cry on, I am beyond thankful!!! Love you all!!!
Jibbity, my Mom, Lil' Squishy, Dad, and Ashie

Jibbity, Ashie, Dad, Bug, and Lexlee

Getting ready to head out.Had a hard time saying goodbye...

Doing good and heading home to Idaho, and the hospital there.
Now I hope to be back to blogging!! Can't wait to get reading, commenting, crafting, and posting again. I have missed everyone!!! Soooo many things to blog about and catch up on... I can't wait!!!
Just an example of what else has been going on around my house...Ashie cut most of Lil' Squishy faces mo hawk off with the school scissors of Jibbity's that she managed to get out of the child locked drawer. My two year old keeps me VERY busy!!!!
Hugs to all my blogging friends!!!! It's good to be back!