Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sooo, what's new with you?

Today Jibbity said to me, "Mom was the last time you did your blog really clear back on my birthday, 'cause I really like reading it, and it has been the same for a really long time."
Hmmmmm...this is suppose to be my journal...
I AM A SLACKER...but am determined to get my act together! (fingers crossed)
SOOOOO... what's new?????
This little man LOVED his birthday cake...how did one year fly by already??? He is soooo much fun!
Went to Idaho and saw this for the first time.......still doesn't seem real, miss my dad and think about him everyday!
My little Ashie started dance....she is a nut!!! Cute little thing, but PURE MISCHIEF!!!

Can ya see the rotten behind those big brown eyes?

*doing an overhaul on the upstairs
*did a major move with the two oldest girls to a new room downstairs
*dealing with a taller than me now thirteen year old son
*trying to keep my girls from growing up
*chasing an adorable one year old
*had a funeral around the toilet bowl for Gil the goldfish(dang thing lasted well over two years)
*trying to keep ahead of laundry...hahahahahaha
*wishing I didn't need sleep
*got through 5 of the 7 birthdays in this house...last two are this week and mid February...then done with them again til mid October.
*got through Christmas...got the most heartfelt gift ever...will do a post on that next.
*LOVING being a mom!!
Love to all my favorite blogging ladies out there, I have missed you and hope to visit soon. Must sleep now, for it is 4:12 in the morning. :)


KiraAJ said...

Its been forever darls! Boy sounds like u r most definately one busy mama! Bubs has grown soo much! Cant wait to see u start blogging again! I know how it is taking a break cuz things just get so hectic... we lost 2 angel babies last yr and fell pregnant again in btw that we finally made the move back to australia i am 20wks preggers.. and i only blog here and there...its crazy!

CB said...

That is so cute that your daughter reminded you to blog :-D
You have been a busy woman, that if for sure!!
The great thing about blogging is that you may get busy and leave for awhile but you can always come back and your friends are here!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Nice to see (read) you again. That cake picture is awesome.

Kelly said...

It's been too long. Hope to see you back soon!

Xazmin said...

Welcome BACK!!! I miss you! Um, not really because we talk every day. But I miss your blogging!

Lyryn said...

Welcome back dear. I love all the photo's.

Shawn said...

I it so wonderful to see you and Xazmin back, you were after all 2 of my very first blogging friends!

Myya said...

Yay a new post! Loved the pics. Funny that Jibbity called you out on not posting. Hee hee. Holy smokes that you have that many Birthdays in your house during the holiday season. Happy late Birthday to them all. :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I can't believe he's ONE already! Amazing how time flies. Great pix and it's understandable that you've been swamped with tasks and with emotion. Take your time. We aren't going anywhere.