Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I wish life could slow down a bit...just sayin'...
Lexlee is feeling soooo much better now! During her recovery she spent quite a bit of time like this...playing webkinz...which I by the way quite enjoy and play on Ashie's when I need to de-stress a bit. Wish I would have thought of them!
Ashie of course has to be like her big sister...
Being off track is nice and lazy, especially when Lexlee is stuck at home...all three girls in their pj's, sitting in the sun. I love quiet moments when we are couped up and relaxing.(o.k...they are relaxing...I am not, but that's ok...such is life as "just a mom"(that was the term Lexlee used when Jibbity came home and asked if I would speak to her class on "tool day" ya know the day when parents come and talk about their jobs)....hahaha, I just smiled she will find out soon enough! :)
I just think he is sooo blasted cute!!!!
Kids are back on track
Ashie's birthday is next week...last one in the house until next October.
Blizzard is going on outside.
In the middle of painting the upstairs.(well Hunter Dan is...I am not so good at painting)
Laundry pile is getting ever bigger!
Looking forward to a visit from GiRaFfY, and her little munchkins.
Wide awake at 3:21 a.m.(grrrrrr!!)
Must try to sleep....day from he-- tomorrow...Tuesdays are crazy(dance, carpool, pick up kids from school, art, dance, pick up from art, dance, scouts)...glad it's all on one day though! :)
HaPpY TuEsDaY!!!!!


Sheila said...

omg - you are BUSY!!!!
Lil squishy face and just sooo adorable!
Love the pics of all the girls cuddled up on the couch!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Just A Mom. Doesn't that just kill you?! It makes me nuts!! Most people couldn't do our "jobs"! Love the pix of the girls and of Lil Squishy. so cute!

Myya said...

Adorable Pics. Being a mama especially, when the kiddos are sick, is the hardest job ever!!! You are a busy busy mama for sure!

Sami said...

Glad that Lexlee is feeling better!
Just a mom, huh? I wonder how long it'll take before she apologizes once she has kids...

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