Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time for a swap!!!!

Shawn over at Seriously is doing a swap for her upcoming birthday!! I have done a few swaps, and they are too fun!!! Shawn is awesome, hilarious, and absolutely darling! Go take a look and join in! What a great way to get to know other bloggers.

Can't wait to get my swap partner!!


Shawn said...

I'm so excited you are joining on on the fun! Watch for an email from me soon!


J.J. said...

Hope you are having a great non pukey day! I am having fun reading about all these peeps talking about their barfing friend on their blogs. :) Seriously...hope you are doing well!
I'll have to check out Shawn's swap!

shortmama said...

Sounds like fun! I havent decided if Im going to jump in this one or not. It is a blast but I just got done with a pay it forward to 3 people! Im gonna have to think on this one!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You and X might just convince me to go join up. ;) Thanks for stopping by today!

Jen @ said...

How fun! I will have to check that out. I have never done a swap but they sound so fun!