Friday, June 26, 2009

Giant hives, and some Rendezvous Fun!

So, last night when I was putting on Ashie's pj's I noticed she had some little hives on her belly. I thought I'd just watch and check them in the morning. This morning when I changed her buns, I about passed out, the little hives had turned into enormous hives, and were all over her belly, under her arms, and in her diaper area. This is what they looked like when I first saw them this morning...
I called and got her an appointment with the Doctor, but it wasn't for a couple of hours. By the time we got to the Dr.'s office, they had spread to her neck, shoulders, and some were starting on her arms. The ones that had been there before had kind of just become one enormous hive. She is obviously allergic to something, but what, we are not sure. The only thing different she has eaten lately were some strawberries. Other than that, no changes in any of our soaps, and she's been outside in the grass many times, so the Dr. didn't think that was it. No more strawberries for her. After a dose of Zyrtec, and an afternoon nap, they are almost completely gone. Crazy stuff!!
I took some quick pics of the kiddos before they left for the rendezvous last night. I knew I wasn't feeling up to going, and I did decide to send the camera with Hunter Dan, but he didn't get very many photos. I was glad I got these shots before they left.
Bug in his student council shirt, he looks quite handsome I think, and far too grown-up for my taste. It's hard to believe that my baby boy will be twelve this fall.
My sweet little Lexlee, she kept complaining that the sun was in her eyes, but I am mean, and made her suffer through the pics...:-)
Jibbity, she had driven me nuts asking how many hours, minutes, and seconds until the rendezvous. She was not in the mood for snapshots, she just wanted to get there!
Ashie stayed home with me, this is her playing peek-a-boo, she thinks it is the best game ever. She is NOT cooperative with picture taking!!

My three oldest munchkins ready to get to the carnival...

A half-way decent photo of all of them.
Jibbity riding the train(they had games, food, those big blow-up jump things, a rock wall, and the train) Jibbity asked when we put her to bed last night, "How long is it until next years carnival?"
Bug sitting in the dunk tank. The next photo is after Lexlee had gotten the silent wink from her teacher to run up and hit the target.
They had a super fun night! Next year we can ALL go...but with another little munchkin! I can't wait!
Have a FaNtAsTiC weekend!!!:-)


Macey said...

Oh my goodness. I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but : )
And those hives? I would've passed out. I would have thought it was some flesh eating virus or whatever the worst thing it could be. It would have skeered me. : (
I'm glad it's better now!
I'm the first comment, neener neener neener. : )

shortmama said...

Poor baby! I am glad she is better now! Your kiddos look so cute in all their pics!

Unknown said...

Your kiddos are DAH-LING!!! So cute!!!!

I have a severe allergy to certain foods and my hives look just like that- I hear that allergies to strawberries are very common too. Just keep Zyrtec on hand and give it to her right away if you see them appear again!!

Happy weekend to you too!!


Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Aaaahhhhh!! I would've had a meltdown over those hives! Thanks God they are all better.
The kids are all gorgeous and I'm glad they had fun.
Next year will be even better, no?

Krissy said...

Poor Ash! I'm glad you've figured out the suspected allergy, hopefully that was what it was and there will be no more breaking out-those hives just look so painful!

I LOVE the shots you got, they really do seem to be getting older and older with every picture you post!

Jen said...

OMG your poor little girl, I get horrible hives off and on so I KNOW what that feels like! Zyrtec is a miracle drug as far as I'm concerned. So glad they cleared up for her (and you!) Have a great weekend!

kado! said... sad to be allergic to strawberries! & scary!

Love the pics of the kids...cute!

April said...

Oh, those hives look miserable! Hope she's doing much better now...bless her heart! Your kids are so cute! Sounds like they had lots of fun at the carnival. That's always a huge hit with kids!

Rhonda said...

Oh glad Ashie's hive are scary! Poor thing no strawberries...ugh.

Your kiddos are beautiful...I'm sure I've told you that before! I love bug's dimples!

Hang in there! Can't wait to meet the newest little one! Hugs!

Amy said...

Oh your poor baby. I hope she is doing better now. What wonderful pictures of your family.

Cammie said...

ohhhh, those hives suck! My son used to get them ALL the time when he was that age until we figured out he was allergic to milk.

Stephanie said...

What a bunch of beauties!
Hope those hives clear up quickly. Stressful huh.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

They are so sweet!!! :) I love the peekaboo shot. :)

Mechelle said...

looks like they all had some great fun! poor little baby with her hives, my kids have had hives at least once, but we've never found out what they were from. Zyrtec is great stuff. :)

Mother Hood said...

I'm SO sorry you and your baby had to deal with nasty HUGE hives. Time for an Epipen maybe?

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Poor little pumpkin! I've heard of a lot of allergies to strawberries, though that would be a bummer, huh?

And may I just say how beautiful your children are!!!

Rachel said...

A "halfway decent" photo? That one of all of them was great! I can't even catch a decen grin out of my ONE! :)

So glad the littlest is better from the hives. My niece is allergic to strawberries, but we're told most kiddos outgrow it... hopefully!

Love the pictures!

CB said...

Those hives were outrageous! Glad they went away quickly - ichy ichy!!

You have a beautiful family - Love the pictures of your kids - they are all so darling!!

Shawn said...

Poor baby!

My oldest used to get hives from strawberries too, only on her face and neck~which included her throat!
She outgrew, thank God!

Beautiful helps that your kids are precious!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Poor girl, and to have to give up strawberries... I bet she'll outgrow it in time! Great pictures of your kiddos -- they are beautiful!

Kenlie said...

Beautiful children...beautiful..

Jenny said...

Your kids are so cute!

My nephew is allergic to strawberries and gets hives all over his body as well. A dose of Benedryl usually takes care of it pretty quickly.