Tuesday, February 3, 2009


NO, unfortunately I am not going someplace tropical... but Jibbity went to a super fun birthday party for my good friend's(we'll call her X) daughter. It was a Luau, with the works, limbo, hula dancing, island food, (of course she only ate cheese on cute toothpicks, and chips, because she is the pickiest eater I know) but she had a ton of fun! X always puts tons of work into her kids parties, I am jealous and want to be six again. She really is very creative and comes up with super cute ideas, and to top it off she's my business partner. She comes up with beautiful products, and when we work together we have way too much fun, usually as our kids are running crazy. Anyway I took these pics of Jibbity outside in the 40 degree weather which is actually pretty mild right now and feels almost warm considering the temps we've had this winter. She loves to pose so she didn't even mind the chill. She pretty much drove me crazy all day because she was SO excited, what a girl. A shout-out and BIG thanks to X for entertaining my daughter for two hours. You deserve a fantastic night of Joey and David, sweet dreams!


Xazmin said...

HaHa! How funny, I named my post about this party "ALOHA!" too! We all had a blast.

Xazmin said...

Okay, so I made my first post before I actually read the post - I just had seen the title. Now I've read it and don't know whether to thank you for all the sweet, wonderful, completely giving me too much credit things you said about me. Or to be embarrassed that you made me sound like a woman of questionable morals with the whole "Joey/David" comment! FYI - Joey(fav. New Kid), David (Boreanaz) - I like them a lot!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

What a cutie! She looks very tropical. Thanks for coming over to my place. Your blog is very cute. I like your blinkie family sign.

Also, your craft room looks great!

Have a great night!


allgirls said...

k.. i have to admit when i seen that i got a comment from some "stranger" i was a little nervous! anyway after looking at your blog i decided that you are not a creepy stalker and i was wondering how did you find me? i am assuming off of a hair blog that i post comments too? any way i love your ribbons and bows and i will have to buy from you one day!

Mother Hood said...

Darling pictures!