Thursday, February 26, 2009

TOTALLY THANKFUL THURSDAY!...and...It's almost time!!

So many things to be thankful for, but the five that popped in my head right now are...
1. Microwave popcorn... it's been a life saver on my diet, when I am craving something salty.
2. My cell phone...keeps me in touch with my family when I am feeling lonely for the small home town I am from, and they still live!
3. Hats... today will definitly be a hat day, because I had 3 hours of sleep, and still have eight million and one things to do...before FRIDAY!!!
4. For Jibbity...she is always pleasent in the mornings, and talks to me right now with an English accent... and acts like I am her royal servant, and she'd like some cereal for breakfast.
5. My comfy bed... that I will rediscover sometime Friday night after "the big announcement".
Don't the big day!!!!


I am Harriet said...

Great post!
Stopping by from SITS to say hi!
Have a great day!

Kally said...

I second the comfy bed!!! But I have to add clean sheets. I am ALWAYS thankful for clean sheets. Oh, wait....and a good book. It is nice to have so many things to be thankful for.

Mother Hood said...

That is a great list! I am thankful for my bed too! Especially since I've been sick!

Jen @ said...

Great list - I love it!!! I totally think hats need to make a come back! It would be so much easier than trying to do our hair every day!

Have a great night!


Susie said...

That's a great thankful list:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such sweet comments! I hope to see you back there soon:-)

Heather said...

Oh bed sounds wonderful right now!

Carebear said...

Oh, I am a popcorn lover too! And I'm also dieting, but I'm considering giving it up for Lent, LOL! Funny you mention salty snacks. I'm giving away 100 calorie packs of Mr. Salty's Chocolate Covered Pretzels! They rock! Come on over and enter to win!

Rhonda said...

Hey there! I have an award for you! Hop on over and pick it up! :D